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Handbook of Methods Business Employment Dynamics Collection & Data Sources

Business Employment Dynamics: Collection & Data Sources

Business Employment Dynamics (BED) utilizes data collected by the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) and, as a result, no additional response burden is imposed in generating these data. BED links QCEW establishment data across quarters to provide a longitudinal history for each establishment.

QCEW data are derived from reports of employment data and wage data for workers covered by unemployment insurance (UI) and Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees. These reports are a result of the administration of state unemployment insurance through State Employment Security Agencies (SESAs). All employers subject to state UI laws are required to submit quarterly reports detailing their monthly employment and quarterly wages. The data are compiled from quarterly contribution reports submitted to the states by employers. BLS directs the states toward turning the incoming UI administrative data into highly accurate economic statistics. (For more information on the QCEW, visit the QCEW website (

Last Modified Date: December 24, 2015