PPI Introduces Regional Detail for Ready-mix Concrete Indexes

With the release of data for January 2013, the Producer Price Index (PPI) program introduced new regional detail for Ready-mix concrete. The currently published Industry (Ready-mix concrete manufacturing) and Commodity (Ready-mix concrete) indexes remain, but detail has been added beneath these aggregates to represent geographic regions. Geographic indexes are useful because ready-mix concrete tends to experience price change based on local market conditions that result from sudden changes in demand and weather-related surcharges. Each geographical index represents price change for ready-mix concrete within that region, as defined by U.S. Census Bureau regions. Data for these indexes appear in table 5 and table 6 of the PPI Detailed Report and are available online through the BLS databases.

The new structure of Industry indexes for Ready-mix concrete manufacturing is listed below:

The new structure of Commodity indexes for Ready-mix concrete is listed below:

Further information is available from the PPI Section of Index Analysis and Public Information, at ppi-info@bls.gov or (202) 691-7705.


Last Modified Date: November 8, 2016