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Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

QCEW Data Types and Titles (For NAICS Coded Data)

QCEW data in the BLS publication database makes use of datatype codes to support extract queries. The codes in the table below may be of interest to those who use the series report tool or the public API interface to access that database. In contrast, the QCEW online data files have multiple datatypes on each record, so the datatype is identified by the position within the record. However, some versions of those files contain a zero filled datatype field so that the record identifier closely matches the data identifier in the publication database. This may be helpful for users to correlate data from the publication database with corresponding data from the data files.

The table below is available as an Excel workbook (.xlsx), a comma separated values file (.csv), and as a flat, text file (.txt). Click the links below to download.

DOWNLOAD: XLSX CSV TXT Related Documentation:   QCEW Data Guide;   Documentation Guide;   QCEW Data Files;   Open Data Access Guide;  

QCEW Data Types and Titles (For NAICS Coded Data)

Data Type Title
0 (Filler used when multiple datatypes are on the same record)
1 All Employees
2 Number of Establishments
3 Total Wages (in thousands)
4 Average Weekly Wage
5 Average Annual Pay
6 (Archaic -- formerly used for quarterly average monthly employment)


Last Modified Date: September 15, 2020