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Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

QCEW Ownership Titles (For NAICS-Based Data)

These ownership codes are to be used with NAICS coded QCEW data. A subset of these codes are also used in the SIC based data.

The QCEW program stopped publishing data for International Government establishments as a separate ownership group after 1994. These establishments are included in private sector tabulations starting in 1995. These data were for establishments owned by international governments that reported for Unemployment Insurance purposes, Historically, there were fewer than 40 establishments, with fewer than one thousand employees coded in this group. There are published SIC coded data for this group through 1994. However, due to disclosure limitations, there are no published NAICS coded data for the period from 1990 forward.

The table below is available as an Excel workbook (.xlsx), a comma separated values file (.csv), and as a flat, text file (.txt). Click the links below to download.


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QCEW Ownership Codes for NAICS Coded Data

Code Ownership Title
0 Total Covered
5 Private
4 International Government
3 Local Government
2 State Government
1 Federal Government
8 Total Government
9 Total U.I. Covered (Excludes Federal Government)

Last Modified Date: September 23, 2020