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Consumer Expenditure Surveys

ERRATA – Consumer Expenditure Surveys Publication Tables

October 11, 2017

To Users of the Consumer Expenditure Surveys 2016 Publication Tables:

The 2016 Population Size of Area tables have been revised due to a minor processing error that affected expenditures from the Diary Survey.

The following 2-year tables for the time period 2015-2016 have been revised and republished to correct for an error that caused Interview Survey expenditures for the first quarter of 2015 to originate from consumer units in the 2000 Census-based sample rather than consumer units from the 2010 Census-based sample:

Cross-Tabulated Tables:

  • Age of reference person by income before taxes
  • Age of reference person by region of residence
  • Region of residence by income before taxes
  • Region of residence by housing tenure
  • Size of consumer unit by income before taxes
  • Size of consumer unit by age of reference person
  • Singles by income before taxes
  • Singles by age of reference person

Metropolitan Statistical Areas Tables

Region Tables and Area Tables

With the revision, average expenditures per consumer unit at the national level increased by $40. Technically, while the results in the revised tables are different, both results are representative as the 2000 Census-based sample represented the US population. However, the revised results for the two years use the same sample as the published annual 2015 and annual 2016 tables.

Last Modified Date: October 11, 2017