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Consumer Expenditure Surveys

CE Publications

CE publications provide information related to survey data, trends, analysis, and methods. This page presents an overview of CE publications published through official BLS series, including the Monthly Labor Review, Beyond the Numbers, Handbook of Methods, and others. Additional CE program publications, documents, and presentations are available via the online CE library.

  • Annual reports summarize data trends from the last year and are published a few months after the annual news release. The reports use integrated survey data and provide tables of average expenditures, income, and demographics. 
  • Beyond the Numbers provide analyses of topical economic issues and long-term spending trends. 
  • BLS Handbook of Methods, Consumer Expenditures and Income Chapter provides an overview of CE concepts, data sources, survey design, calculations, presentation, and history.
  • Monthly Labor Review publishes scholarly articles on many topics in labor economics and is considered the flagship publication of the BLS. 
  • Spotlight on Statistics generally includes a series of charts or graphs accompanied by a brief explanation of their relevance to the analysis.
  • The Economics Daily (TED) presents fresh economic information in charts or maps and focuses on one or two specific points. 

Last Modified Date: January 25, 2024