Gemini Project to Redesign the Consumer Expenditure Surveys

In 2009, the Gemini Project was launched to research and develop a redesign of the Consumer Expenditure (CE) surveys, addressing issues of measurement error and respondent burden. In July 2013, a redesign proposal was approved, outlining the future direction of the CE survey. For more information on the history of the Gemini Project is available on this page under Gemini Background. Documents related to the Gemini project can be found at the CE library by filtering on the "Gemini" column.

Latest News on the Redesign

Overview of Redesign

Comparison to Current Design

The figure below gives a comparison of the current design to the redesign. Click here for a text version of this graphic.

Mouse over the graphic to highlight corresponding changes between the current and new design.

Gemini Background

The Gemini project to redesign the CE survey was launched in 2009, and the redesign plan was approved in 2013. The documents below provide more information on the history of the Gemini project including the final report of the CNSTAT panel on redesigning the Consumer Expenditure Surveys. Other documents related to the background of the Gemini project can be found in the CE library.

Several Field tests have been conducted since 2013 to test various elements of the redesign. Details on those tests can be found on the Gemini Field Test page.


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Last Modified Date: March 20, 2018