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Consumer Expenditure Surveys
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CE Library

The CE Library is a collection of articles, papers, reports, and presentations produced by BLS and outside researchers, as well as presented at other CE related events, on CE economic analyses and methodological research, development, and testing. The library is updated on a continuous basis. Please contact us with any questions about library documents, or to suggest an addition to the library.

Title Author Year Gemini 1   Venue/Publication  
Enhancing Data Quality Using Expenditure RecordsAbdirizak, S., L. Erhard, Y. Lee, and B. McBride2017YAAPOR
Evaluating the Impact of Eliminating a Bounding InterviewMcBride, B., and J. Dixon2017NAAPOR
Exploring monetary incentives and respondent burden in the Consumer Expenditure Interview SurveyLee, A., and C. Knappenberger2018YAAPOR
For Clueless Consumers, Can Records Improve Data Quality?O'Brien, E.2010YAAPOR
Hunting for Auxiliary Variables in the Census Planning Database Tract FileKnappenberger, C., A. Rojas, and L. Tan2017YAAPOR
Is it worth the effort? Respondent record use on the British Household Panel StudyLaurie, H., and N. Moon2010YAAPOR
The Burden of Proof: Panel Attrition and Record Usage on the Medicare Current Beneficiary SurveyHubbard, R., and B. Edwards2010YAAPOR
The Use of Utility Bills as an Information Retrieval Aid in the American Housing SurveyCarter, G.2010YAAPOR
Is a User-Friendly Diary More Effective?To, N., and L. Tan2006NAAPOR
Respondent Record Use in the U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey Edgar, J.2010YAAPOR
Temporal Patterns of Survey Response Rates and Reporting Rates in the U.S. Consumer Expenditure Interview and Other Panel SurveysCho, M., J. Eltinge, and B. Steinberg2004NAAPOR
The Effects of Incentives on the Consumer Expenditure Interview SurveyGoldenberg, K., D. McGrath, and L. Tan2009NAAPOR
Using Contact Attempt History Data to Determine the Optimal Number of Contact AttemptsSafir, A., and L. Tan2009NAAPOR
What Does "Usual" Usually Mean?Edgar, J.2009NAAPOR
Comparing Economic Status of Pre-Recession Millennials to Post-Recession ‘September 11ths’Paulin, G.2017NACCI
Developing Poverty Thresholds 1993-2003Garner, T.2005NASA
Some Experimentation With Recall Procedures and Diaries For Consumer ExpendituresSudman, S., and R. Ferber1971NASA
The Intrahousehold Communications Study: A Typology of Family CohesionMiller, L., and C. Tucker1993YASA
The Intrahousehold Communications Study: Estimating the Accuracy of Proxy Responses at the Dyadic LevelKojetin, B., and L. Miller1993YASA
The Use of Paradata for Evaluating Interviewer Training and PerformanceMockovak, W., and R. Powers2008NASA
Household Survey Producers Workshop AgendaBRPD2011YBLSHSPW
Household Survey Producers Workshop Opening RemarksHorrigan, M.2011YBLSHSPW
A comparison of the characteristics and spending patterns of Food Stamp recipients and nonrecipientsBureau of Labor Statistics2000NBLSILS
Characteristics and spending patterns of consumer units in the lowest 10 percent of the expenditure distributionBureau of Labor Statistics2001NBLSILS
Computer Ownership Up Sharply in the 1990sBureau of Labor Statistics1999NBLSILS
Consumer Spending on Traveling for PleasureBureau of Labor Statistics1999NBLSILS
Consumer Spending Patterns Differ by RegionBureau of Labor Statistics2002NBLSILS
Expenditures on Public TransportationBureau of Labor Statistics1999NBLSILS
Health Expenditures and the Aging PopulationBureau of Labor Statistics1997NBLSILS
Housing expendituresBureau of Labor Statistics2002NBLSILS
Spending Patterns By AgeBureau of Labor Statistics2000NBLSILS
Spending Patterns of High-income HouseholdsBureau of Labor Statistics1998NBLSILS
What the Nation Spends on Health Care: A Regional ComparisonBureau of Labor Statistics1999NBLSILS
Out-of-pocket health care expenditures: a comparisonFoster, A.2010NBLSMLR
A Macro Perspective on the Consumer Expenditure Survey RedesignMcCully, C.2011YBLSPRCES
Assessing Proposed CE Redesign Options: Implications for Academic Economic ResearchStephens, M.2011YBLSPRCES
Consumer Expenditure Survey CNSTAT Panel BriefingRyan, J., and Survey Program Staff2011YBLSPRCES
Design A Evaluation Nusser, S.2012YBLSPRCES
Design B: A Comprehensive Picture of Expenditures & IncomeGillingham, R.2012YBLSPRCES
Discussion of Methodology/cognitive Issues and the Proposed RedesignsKulka, R2011YBLSPRCES
Evaluation of Design C Tucker, C.2012YBLSPRCES
Expanding Upon Issues in Measuring What We Spend: Toward a New Consumer Expenditure SurveyStephens, M.2012YBLSPRCES
First Meeting of the Panel on Redesigning the BLS Consumer Expenditure Surveys AgendaBRPD2011YBLSPRCES
Incentives DiscussionsPeytchev, A.2012YBLSPRCES
Information Dissemination and Data UsersHenderson, S.2011YBLSPRCES
Interview Structure in the Consumer Expenditure SurveysBRPD2009YBLSPRCES
Intro for Consumer Expenditure Surveys Methods WorkshopBRPD2010YBLSPRCES
Issues in Implementing Change in a Complex SurveyBowie, C.2011YBLSPRCES
Issues in Proxy Reporting in the Consumer Expenditure SurveySchaeffer, N.2010YBLSPRCES
Issues with The Current Consumer Expenditure SurveysDillman, D.2012YBLSPRCES
Measurement Error & Gemini Project OverviewSafir, A.2011YBLSPRCES
Measurement Error Continued (CE vs. Personal Consumption Expenditures Comparisons)Garner, T., and W. Passero2011YBLSPRCES
Measuring What We Spend: Toward a New Consumer Expenditure SurveyHouse, C.2012YBLSPRCES
Measuring What We Spend: Toward a New Consumer Expenditure SurveyPeytchev, A.2012YBLSPRCES
MEASURING WHAT WE SPEND; Toward a New Consumer Expenditure Survey Dillman, D., C. House, and Committee on National Statistics2013YBLSPRCES
Official Charge to Committee: CNSTAT Panel on the Redesign of the CEHorrigan, M.2011YBLSPRCES
Overview of the National Crime Victimization Survey Redesign ProcessSinclair, M., and M. Rand2010YBLSPRCES
Proxy ReportingBRPD2009YBLSPRCES
Recall Period in Consumer Expenditure Surveys ProgramBradburn, N.2011YBLSPRCES
Recall Period in Consumer Expenditure Surveys ProgramBradburn, N.2011YBLSPRCES
Recall Period in the Consumer Expenditure Surveys ProgramBRPD2010YBLSPRCES
Redesign of the Consumer Expenditure SurveysEdgar, J.2010YBLSPRCES
Redesign Options for the Consumer Expenditure SurveyCantor, D.2013YBLSPRCES
Redesign Options for the Consumer Expenditure SurveyCantor, D., S. Schneider, and B. Edwards2011YBLSPRCES
Redesign Options for the Consumer Expenditure SurveyCantor, D., S. Schneider, and B. Edwards2011YBLSPRCES
Redesign Options for the Consumer Expenditure SurveyMathiowetz, N., K. Olson, and C. Kennedy2011YBLSPRCES
Redesign Options for the Consumer Expenditure SurveyMathiowetz, N., K. Olson, and C. Kennedy2011YBLSPRCES
Redesigning the BLS Consumer Expenditure Surveys: NAS Panel House, C.2012YBLSPRCES
Redesigning the BLS Consumer Expenditure Surveys; Challenges With OpportunitiesDillman, D.2012YBLSPRCES
Redesigning the NHES Zuckerberg, A.2010YBLSPRCES
Response to Interview Structure Issue PaperConrad, F.2011YBLSPRCES
Response to Issue Paper on CE Interview StructureConrad, F.2011YBLSPRCES
Split QuestionnaireBRPD2009YBLSPRCES
Split Questionnaire Designs for Consumer Expenditure SurveyRaghunathan, T.2011YBLSPRCES
Split Questionnaire Methods for the Consumer Expenditure Surveys ProgramEltinge, J.2011YBLSPRCES
Supported Journal DesignSchoeber, M.2012YBLSPRCES
Survey Design and Data CollectionSafir, A.2011YBLSPRCES
Technology: Further comments on the choice of tabletsNusser, S.2012YBLSPRCES
The Gemini Project to Redesign the Consumer Expenditure Survey: Redesign Proposal Edgar, J., D. Nelson, L. Paszkiewicz, and A. Safir 2013YBLSPRCES
The Process of NAS PanelsBeston, D.2012YBLSPRCES
Westat Redesign Recommendations Report appendicesCantor, D., S. Schneider, and B. Edwards2011YBLSPRCES
Workshop on Redesigning the Consumer Expenditure Surveys: Issues in Implementing Change in a Complex Survey Bowie, C.2011YBLSPRCES
New Estimates Of Personal Taxes In Consumer Expenditure SurveyCobet, A.2015NBLSSOS
Consumer Expenditure Survey Anthology, 2003Bureau of Labor Statistics2003NBLSWP
Consumer Expenditure Survey Anthology, 2005Bureau of Labor Statistics2005NBLSWP
Consumer Expenditure Survey Anthology, 2011Bureau of Labor Statistics2011NBLSWP
Consumer Expenditure Survey Biennial Report, 2004-2005Bureau of Labor Statistics2008NBLSWP
Consumer Expenditure Survey Biennial Report, 2006-2007Bureau of Labor Statistics2010NBLSWP
Creating a Consistent Poverty Measure over Time Using NAS Procedures: 1996-2005Garner, T., and K. Short2008NBLSWP
Household Spending Patterns: A Comparison of Four Census RegionsYocum, C.2007NBLSWP
Note on Standard Errors and Other Relevant Statistics of Experimental Poverty Thresholds Produced at the Bureau of Labor Statistics: 2006 to 2008Garner, T.2010NBLSWP
Reconciling User Costs and Rental Equivalence: Evidence from the U.S. Consumer Expenditure SurveyGarner, T., and R. Verbrugge2009NBLSWP
Setting and Updating Modern Poverty ThresholdsGarner, T., and D. Betson2010NBLSWP
The Puzzling Divergence of U.S. Rents and User Costs, 1980-2004: Summary and ExtensionsGarner, T., and R. Verbrugge2007NBLSWP
A closer look at spending patterns of older AmericansFoster, A2016NBTN
Americans’ aging autosPfirrmann-Powell, R.2014NBTN
Consumer Expenditures Vary By Age Foster, A.2015NBTN
Consumer spending by state: BLS puts New Jersey to the testWilson, T.2018NBTN
Eating and drinking in Miami: Consumer Expenditures, 2010-2014Dotson, M.2016NBTN
Expenditures of urban and rural households in 2011Hawk, W.2013NBTN
Hispanic Household Spending in 2015Foster, A.2015NBTN
Household healthcare spending in 2014Foster, A.2016NBTN
Housing and Expenditures: Before, During, and After the BubblePaulin, G.2018NBTN
How do United States consumer expenditures compare with the United Kingdom and Japan?Creech, B.2017NBTN
Income and spending patterns among Black householdsNoel, R.2014NBTN
More than 75 Percent of American Households Own ComputersCreech, B.2008NBTN
Spending Habits of Urban Consumers and “Blue-Collar” Consumers Living in Urban Areas, 1984 and 2015Church, J.2017NBTN
Spending on pets: “Tails” from the Consumer Expenditure SurveyHenderson, S.2013NBTN
Tradeoffs in the Expenditure Patterns of Families with ChildrenHubener, E., Rojas, A., and Tseng, N.2018NBTN
Use with Caution: Interpreting Consumer Expenditure income group dataWilson, T., and V. Crain2017NBTN
Using gasoline data to explain inelasticityEitches, E., and V. Crain2016NBTN
What the Consumer Expenditure Survey tells us about mortgage instruments before and after the housing collapseWilson, T.2016NBTN
Expenditures on cellular phone services have increased significantly since 2007Creech, B.2016NBTN
Understanding the Relationship: CE Survey and PCEPassero, W., T. Garner, and C. McCully2013NBWP
Considerations Regarding the Use of Global Survey QuestionsBeatty, P.2010YCEMW
Considerations Regarding the Use of Global Survey Questions PresentationBeatty, P.2010YCEMW
Global QuestionsBureau of Labor Statistics2010YCEMW
Interview StructureBureau of Labor Statistics2010YCEMW
Introduction for Consumer Expenditure Surveys Methods WorkshopBureau of Labor Statistics2010YCEMW
Proxy ReportingBureau of Labor Statistics2010YCEMW
Recall PeriodBureau of Labor Statistics2010YCEMW
Self vs. Proxy Reporting in the Consumer Expenditure Survey Mathiowetz, N.2010YCEMW
Self vs. Proxy Reporting in the Consumer Expenditure Survey PresentationMathiowetz, N.2010YCEMW
Split QuestionnaireBureau of Labor Statistics2010YCEMW
The BLS Consumer Expenditure TabletPierzchala, M.2012YCEPR
A Comparison of Consumer Expenditure SurveysTo, N., and B. McBride2013YCEPR
A Comparison of Economic Well-Being Measures Using SIPP and CE Data: Personal Assessments of Expenditures and IncomeGarner, T.2003NCEPR
A Proposal for a Preliminary Framework for Monitoring and Reporting on Data Quality for the Consumer Expenditure SurveyFricker, S., and L. Tan2012NCEPR
CE Data Quality Definition ReportGonzalez, J., C. Hackett, N. To, and L. Tan2009YCEPR
Comparison of Consumer Expenditure Survey DesignsTo, N., J. Davis, and B. Creech2011YCEPR
Consumer Expenditures in 1999Bureau of Labor Statistics2001NCEPR
Consumer Expenditures in 2000Bureau of Labor Statistics2002NCEPR
Consumer Expenditures in 2001Bureau of Labor Statistics2003NCEPR
Consumer Expenditures in 2002Bureau of Labor Statistics2004NCEPR
Consumer Expenditures in 2003Bureau of Labor Statistics2005NCEPR
Consumer Expenditures in 2004Bureau of Labor Statistics2006NCEPR
Consumer Expenditures in 2005Bureau of Labor Statistics2007NCEPR
Consumer Expenditures in 2006Bureau of Labor Statistics2008NCEPR
Consumer Expenditures in 2007Bureau of Labor Statistics2009NCEPR
Consumer Expenditures in 2008Bureau of Labor Statistics2010NCEPR
Consumer Expenditures in 2009Bureau of Labor Statistics2011NCEPR
Consumer Expenditures in 2010Bureau of Labor Statistics2012NCEPR
Consumer Expenditures in 2011Bureau of Labor Statistics2013NCEPR
Consumer Expenditures in 2012Bureau of Labor Statistics2014NCEPR
Consumer Expenditures in 2013Bureau of Labor Statistics2015NCEPR
Consumer Expenditures in 2014Bureau of Labor Statistics2016NCEPR
Consumer Expenditures in 2015Bureau of Labor Statistics2017NCEPR
Gemini Data Users Impact Team Final ReportPassero, B., B. Creech, L. Erhard, A. Reichenberger, and A. Safir2014YCEPR
Gemini Incentive Structure ReviewTo, N.2014YCEPR
Gemini Project Vision DocumentGemini Project Steering Team2015YCEPR
Gemini Redesign Project High Level TimelineBRPD2014YCEPR
Recommendation Regarding the Use of a CE Bounding InterviewElkin, I.2012NCEPR
Results from The Incentives Field Test for The Consumer Expenditure Interview SurveyElkin, I., B. McBride, and B. Steinberg2018YCEPR
The Consumer Expenditure Survey Data Quality Profile (Prototype Iteration 2)Hubener, E., C. Knappenberger, J. Sullivan, and L. Tan2017YCEPR
CE’s Sample DesignSwanson, D.2011YCESEM
A Comparison of Consumer Expenditure Surveys: HandoutTo, N., and B. McBride2013YCESMPSM
An Introduction to the CE Gemini RedesignKrishnamurty, P.2018YCESMPSM
Converting the National Household Education Survey from RDD/CATI to ABS/MailZuckerberg, A.2012YCESMPSM
Developing a Data Quality Profile for the Consumer Expenditure Survey - Survey Methods SymposiumLee, A., V. Crain, S. Fricker, E. Hubener, C. Knappenberger, B. Kopp, J. Sullivan, and L. Tan.2017YCESMPSM
Evaluating Respondents' Burden via Indirect Indicators of Data Quality: Item vs. Index ScoresYang, D.2017YCESMPSM
Evolution of a Phoenix: Re-engineering the Survey of Income and Program ParticipationFields, J.2012YCESMPSM
Factors that Affect Reporting in Online and Personal DiariesMcBride, B.2017YCESMPSM
Finding the Value of Electronic Records in the CEYu, E.2017YCESMPSM
Making Audit Trails Accessible for the CE Quarterly Interview SurveyKopp, B., A. Lee, and L. Tan2018YCESMPSM
National Crime Victimization Survey PresentationLynch, J.2012YCESMPSM
NSDUH Redesign Kennet, J.2012YCESMPSM
Online Diaries for Everyone: Data Quality, Device Usage and Compliance with Personal Expenditure DiariesWilliams, D., and H. Sun2017YCESMPSM
Overview of the Proposed CE RedesignErhard, L.2013YCESMPSM
Reducing Nonresponse Bias through Responsive Design and External BenchmarksLee, J.2012YCESMPSM
Revising the CE Surveys to Collect OutletsYu, E.2018YCESMPSM
The CEQ Worksheet: A Respondent Tool for Streamlining the Interview Experience and Improving Data QualityTo, N., and A. Lee2018YCESMPSM
The Good, The Bad, and The Online DiariesElkin, I.2018YCESMPSM
The Impact of Record Use in the CE Interview SurveyWilson, T.2017NCESMPSM
Welcome and Logistics; Overview of CE ResearchSafir, A.2012YCESMPSM
Welcome to the CE Survey Methods SymposiumKrishnamurty, P.2017YCESMPSM
A comparison of CE to international agencies McBride, B., and N. To2013YCESMPSM
A comparison of CE to international agencies handoutTo, N., and B. McBride2013YCESMPSM
Assessing measurement error in the CE Tourangeau, R., B. Kopp, L. Tan, and S. Fricker2013YCESMPSM
CE 2013 symposium Agenda BRPD2013YCESMPSM
CE Survey Methods Symposium Program BRPD2012YCESMPSM
Considering the Structure of the Consumer Expenditure: Designing Computer Assisted InterviewingStafford, F.2011YCESMPSM
Considering the Structure of the Consumer Expenditure: Designing Computer Assisted Interviewing Considering the Structure of the Consumer Expenditure: Designing Computer Assisted InterviewingStafford, F.2011YCESMPSM
Consumer Expenditure Survey RedesignDowney, K.2012YCESMPSM
Consumer Expenditure Survey Redesign Options Workshop AgendaBRPD2011YCESMPSM
Consumer Expenditure Survey Research & Plans for the FutureSafir, A.2012YCESMPSM
Consumer Expenditure Survey Research HighlightsSafir, A.2012YCESMPSM
Discussion: Proxy ReportingSchaeffer, N.2011YCESMPSM
Errors In Survey Reports of Consumption ExpendituresBattistin, E.2003NCESMPSM
Experiments in Reducing Measurement Error Through Cross-Survey Imputation: Preliminary Findings for Diary to Interview Survey Imputations Paulin, G.2012YCESMPSM
Exploring a Balance Edit Approach in the Consumer Expenditure Quarterly Interview SurveyFricker, S., B. Kopp, and N. To2011YCESMPSM
Field Test of a Multiple Diary Procedures for the Consumer Expenditure SurveyWESTAT2005NCESMPSM
Global Questions Cognitive Testing ResultsEdgar, J.2011YCESMPSM
Global Questions in the Consumer Expenditure Surveys ProgramBRPD2010YCESMPSM
Global versus Specific Questions for the Consumer Expenditure SurveyPeytchev, A.2011YCESMPSM
Global versus Specific Questions for the Consumer Expenditure SurveyPeytchev, A.2011YCESMPSM
Imputing Across Interviews: Balancing Time Savings with Data Quality Paulin, G.2013YCESMPSM
Incentives in the CE Interview Survey: Present Findings and Future ResearchElkin, I.2017YCESMPSM
Overview of Gemini Project Downey, K.2012YCESMPSM
Redesigning the Consumer Expenditure SurveyGemini Design Team2013YCESMPSM
Use of Financial Records in the CE Survey Kopp, B.2013YCESMPSM
Web Diary Feasibility Test: Preliminary FindingsElkin, I., M. Freeman, J. Gloster, L. Kirkpatrick, and B. McBride2013YCESMPSM
Consumer Expenditure Annual Updates 2015Bureau of Labor Statistics2016NCEWEB
Consumer Expenditures Midyear Updates July 2014 - June 2015Bureau of Labor Statistics2016NCEWEB
Getting the most from Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE) tablesZwileneff, N.2017NCEWEB
High-income Household Spending And The Economic RecoveryCobet, A.2014NCEWEB
How does the variability of Consumer Expenditure data impact your analysis?Cobet, A.2017NCEWEB
Marginal Propensity to ConsumeHe, Z.2018NCEWKSHP
Balancing Respondent Confidentiality and Data User NeedsCobet, A.2018NCEWKSHP
Consumer Expenditure (CE) Public-Use Microdata (PUMD) File StructureRojas, A.2018NCEWKSHP
Consumer Expenditure Surveys Public-Use Microdata(PUMD) OverviewChoi, J.2018NCEWKSHP
Consumption Pattern of the Middle Class Household: Using Consumer Expenditure SurveyLee, R.2018NCEWKSHP
Imputation and Allocation of CE DataKnappenberger, C.2018NCEWKSHP
Investigating the Imputation of Assets and Liabilities in the CE Interview SurveyPaulin, G.2018NCEWKSHP
Just what do we actually know about household spending on transportation services and how are they changing in the 21st Century?Peters, J., D. King, C. Gordon, and N. Santiago2018NCEWKSHP
Overview of the CE Surveys ProgramSafir, A.2018NCEWKSHP
Price stickiness along the income distribution and the effects of monetary policyCravino, J., T. Lan, and A. Levchenko2018NCEWKSHP
Project 3: Adding More Detail About ExpendituresCobet, A.2018NCEWKSHP
Project 4: Using the Diary Survey to get a complete educational expenditureCobet, A.2018NCEWKSHP
Project 9: Generating Weighted Average Annual Calendar Year Education ExpenditureWilson, T.2018NCEWKSHP
Regional Household Spending Using the Consumer Spending Microdata to Estimate Household Spending and Buying Power at Any Level of RegionalityConte, M.2018NCEWKSHP
Sales Tax in CE DataJohnson-Cox, B.2018NCEWKSHP
Sampling Methods and Derivation of Sampling WeightsNix, B.2018NCEWKSHP
Sneak Peek: Where are we going this year and beyond?Henderson, S.2018NCEWKSHP
State Weights for the Consumer Expenditure SurveyWilson, T.2018NCEWKSHP
Submitting a Monthly Labor Review ArticleSchau, T.2018NCEWKSHP
Testing stochastic rationality and normality of demand with unobserved heterogeneity and endogenous expenditures: the case of two goodsNchare, K.2018NCEWKSHP
The Impact of In-kind Food Benefit Increase on Consumption: Evidence from the SNAPLan, Y.2018NCEWKSHP
Tracking Changes in Ride-hailing/Ride-sharing ExpendituresPoyer, D.2018NCEWKSHP
Trade-offs in Parental Spending on Children: Apparel vs. EducationRojas, A.2017NCEWKSHP
United States Dietary Recommendations and Grocery Spending: A Cohort AnalysisWilson, L. and O. Ozturk2018NCEWKSHP
Weighting in the 2010’sSteinberg, B. and S. Reyes-Morales2018NCEWKSHP
Assessing Household Wellbeing Comparing Consumption and Income based Measures for Farm and All U.S. Households using USDA ARMS and BLS CE Surveys Katz, A.2010YCEWKSHP
BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey Data Usage IRS Experience Lee, W.2010YCEWKSHP
CE Data from the Perspectives of Researchers and Survey Managers Li, G., and R. Schoeni2010YCEWKSHP
CE Data in the CPI Production Requirements and Redesign InterestsCasey, W.2010YCEWKSHP
CE Data in the CPI Production Requirements and Redesign Interests Casey, W.2010YCEWKSHP
Consumer Expenditure Survey Data Users' Need Forum Horrigan, M.2010YCEWKSHP
Consumer Expenditure Survey Data Users' Needs Forum AgendaBRPD2010YCEWKSHP
Consumer Expenditure Survey Design Workshop: Discussion of Methodological/Cognitive Issues and Proposed RedesignsKulka, R.2011YCEWKSHP
Consumer Expenditure Survey Methods Symposium AgendaBRPD2014YCEWKSHP
Data to Examine Consumption Poverty and Inequality in the U.S. 1960 2008 Meyer, B.2010YCEWKSHP
Discussion of Plans for Designing the Recall Period for the Consumer Expenditure Interview SurveyCantor, D.2010YCEWKSHP
Discussion of Plans for Designing the Recall Period for the Consumer Expenditure Interview SurveyCantor, D.2011YCEWKSHP
Exploring the Effects of Socioeconomic and Demographic Variables on Household Expenditures Wagner, J.2010YCEWKSHP
How ERS FED uses the CE Diary Hanson, K.2010YCEWKSHP
Improving the Consumer Expenditure Survey A View from the Research Community Carrol, C., and J. Sabelhaus2010YCEWKSHP
Minnesota's Consumer Expenditure Survey Uses Anthony, P., and P. Wilson2010YCEWKSHP
Patterns of Household Overspending Hanna, S., and Z. Hua2010YCEWKSHP
Some Uses of CE Bils, M.2010YCEWKSHP
The CE Program Dedicated to Improvement Ryan, J.2010YCEWKSHP
Use of CE Data in the National Health Expenditure Accounts Cowan, C.2010YCEWKSHP
A Comparison of CE and PSID Expenditure Data: 1999–2011Creech, B.2015NDCA
Comparing Global questions and answers to results from detailed specific questions: Data on Food Expenditures from the Consumer Expenditure Survey, 1998 - 2016Henderson, S.2017NDCA
Redesign Considerations for the NSDUH Jones, M.2010YDCAAPOR
Re-engineered SIPP: Progress UpdateFields, J.2010YDCAAPOR
A Mobile Technologies System for Collecting and Managing Study Data Medeiros, D.2010YDCTF
Integrating Multi-modes VR, Web, PaperHicks, W., M. Laidlaw, J. Shepherd, and M. Friedman2010YDCTF
mCASI: Survey for Mobile Devices Kalu, O.2010YDCTF
Nielsen Homescan and Life360 TechnologiesLink, M.2010YDCTF
Results of a Pilot Test: Smartphone-Enabled, Full-Probability PanelHill, C.2010YDCTF
Expenditures on Children by FamiliesLino, M2010YDUNF
Expenditures on Children By FamiliesLino, M.2010YDUNF
Three Questions About Consumer Spending and the Middle ClassBernstein, J.2010YDUNF
Improving diary keeping of daily expenditures with online diariesErhard, L., and B. McBride2017YESRA
A Household Survey Perspective on Re-Engineering an Establishment SurveySafir, A.2018YFCSM
Controlling for Prices before Estimating SPM Thresholds and the Impact on SPM Poverty StatisticsGarner, T., and J. Munoz Henao2018NFCSM
Moving Towards a User-Friendly DiaryAbdirizak, S.2018NFCSM
R: Innovating at the Bureau of Labor StatisticsRojas, A.2018NFCSM
CE in the SPM Short, K.2010YFCSM
Properties of Alternative Sample Design and Estimation Methods for the Consumer Expenditure SurveysEltinge, J., and J. Gonzalez2007NFCSM
CPI Outlet Frame Survey RedesignSaxton, M.2018YFedCASIC
Creating a redesigned questionnaire for the Consumer Expenditure Survey using ColecticaKrishnamurty, P.2018YFedCASIC
Developing an Online Mode for the Consumer Expenditure Diary SurveyElkin, I., N. To, and D. Williams2017YFedCASIC
Consumer Spending in 2010Bureau of Labor Statistics2011NFOPS
Health Care Spending: 1998, 2003, and 2008Bureau of Labor Statistics2010NFOPS
Household energy spending: two surveys comparedBureau of Labor Statistics2010NFOPS
How Consumers Used the 2009 Economic Recovery Payments of $250Paulin, G.2011NFOPS
Mortgage Composition and Risk EvaluationWilson, T.2017NGMUS
Applying Event History Methods in a National Panel: The Design and Use of Event History Calendars in the Panel Study of Income DynamicsBeaule, A., and F. Stafford2011YHSPW
BRDIS Reporting Tools Facilitating the reporting processHough, R.2011YHSPW
Collection of hierarchical information in the family section of the National Health Interview SurveyGentleman, J.2011YHSPW
Combining Information from Multiple Surveys: Examples with NCHS SurveysSchenker, N., and V. Parsons2011YHSPW
Design of the National Household Food Acquisition and Purchase SurveyCole, N.2011YHSPW
Does giving people their preferred survey mode actually increase survey participation rates?Olson, K., J Smyth, and H. Woods2011YHSPW
Energy Records in lieu of Bills and Self Reports: Optimizing data utility, quality and burden in the Residential Energy Consumption SurveyO'Brien, E.2011YHSPW
Integrating Varied Data Needs Into a Single Data CollectionAune, D.2011YHSPW
Living Costs and Food SurveyHorsfield, G.2011YHSPW
National Postsecondary Student Aid StudyWine, J., and J. Riccobono2011YHSPW
Nielsen Life360 ApproachBailey, J.2011YHSPW
Personal Diary and Survey Methodologies for Health and Environmental Data CollectionKizakevich, P.2011YHSPW
Redesign of the Canadian Survey of Household SpendingGubreuil, G., J. Lynch, J. Tremblay and M. Lemire 2011YHSPW
Re-engineering the SIPP: Creating the SIPP-EHCFields, J.2011YHSPW
SIPP Core and Topical Modules Organization and IssuesFields, J.2011YHSPW
The EU harmonization of the Household Budget Surveys: State of play and future developmentsBorg, B.2011YHSPW
Using Multiple Data Sources and Methods to Improve Estimates in SurveysTucker, C.2011YHSPW
Comparing characteristics and expenditures of consumer units in selected income rangesBureau of Labor Statistics2006NILS
Spending by Asian familiesBureau of Labor Statistics2005NILS
The Effects of Power Transformations on Consumer Expenditure Survey DataWilson, T.2018NJID
Recall Effects in the U.S. Consumer Expenditure Interview SurveySilberstein, A.1989NJOS
Veblen Goods and Urban Distinction: The Economic Geography of Conspicuous Consumption, A Survey of 21 CitiesCurrid-Halkett, E., H. Lee, and G. Painter2017NJRS
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1 A paper or presentation affiliated with the CE Gemini Redesign Project.

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