Section 17 - Subscriptions, Memberships, Books, and Entertainment


  1. Fees for participating in sports, including -
            bowling     golf     swimming     tennis
  2. Single admissions to spectator sporting events, including -
            baseball     football     hockey     soccer
  3. Single admission to entertainment activities, including -
            concerts     movies     plays     operas
  4. Books not purchased through book clubs, including -
            hardcover     paperbacks
            Exclude reference books or school books
  5. Magazines not included in a subscription
  6. Single copies of newspapers not through a subscription
  7. Compact discs, audio tapes, needles, or records other than through a mail-order club
  8. Photographic film
  9. Photographic film processing
  10. Video cassettes, video tapes, or video discs other than through a mail-order club

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Last Modified Date: November 29, 2005