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Consumer Expenditure Surveys

Section 13, Part B.1 - Long Term Care Insurance - Detailed Questions - FOR NEW CONSUMER UNITS ONLY

Section 13, Part B.1 collects detailed information about long term care insurance policies reported in Part A.2.

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What is the name of the insurance company for "your (1st, 2nd, 3rd)" long term care policy? [enter text] __________________
* Enter name of insurance company, not the insurance agent.

Briefly describe the policy. [enter text] ______________

Are the policy premiums paid -

  1. Entirely by you or your CU?
  2. Partially by you or your CU and partially by someone outside your CU?
  3. Entirely by an employer or union?
  4. Entirely by another group or persons outside your CU?

Are any premiums paid through payroll deductions?

  1. Yes
  2. No

How often are premiums on this policy paid?

  1. Weekly
  2. Biweekly
  3. Monthly - directly
  4. Monthly - in mortgage payment
  5. Quarterly
  6. Semiannually
  7. Annually
  8. Paid-up policy
  9. Other - Specify

* Specify: [enter text] ___________

Since the first of the reference month, what was your or your CU total expense for this insurance policy? [enter value] ______________

* Enter the actual amount the CU paid. Do not include any expenses paid for the CU by others

How much was paid this month? [enter value] ______________

* Enter 'C' for a combined expense

  1. C
  2. Not combined expense

What other type of policy is the "long term care insurance" combined with?
* Enter all that apply, separate with commas

  1. Long term care insurance
  2. Life insurance or other policies which provide benefits in case of death or disability
  3. Homeowners insurance which protects your home, furniture, personal effects or other property against fire, flood, theft, loss or damage
  4. Tenants' insurance which protects your home, furniture, personal effects or other property against fire, flood, theft, loss or damage
  5. Automobile or other vehicle insurance
  6. Other types of non-health insurance
  7. Misc. combined (unable to specify/DK)

Which property (ies) does this policy cover? [enter text] ______________

Do you or any members of your CU have any or make payments for any other "long term care insurance" policy?

  1. Yes
  2. No

End of Section 13B Long Term Care Insurance

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Last Modified Date: November 21, 2006