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Consumer Expenditure Surveys

Section 21, Part A.1 - Credit Liability - Credit Balances - Second Quarter Only

Section 21, Part A.1 asks about money owed to credit sources such as gasoline credit cards, store or major credit cards, financial institutions, medical practitioners, and certain types of loans. This section is only asked during the second interview.

Now I am going to ask about credit balances.

  1. Enter 1 to continue

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On the first of the current month, did you or any members of your CU owe any money to any of the following? Do not include mortgages, home equity loans, automobile loans, or business related loans.

* Read each item on list

  1. Gasoline credit cards, such as Shell or Exxon
  2. Store credit cards, such as those issued by department, specialty, electronics, or sporting goods stores
  3. Major credit cards, such as VISA, Master Card, American Express, or other revolving credit accounts
  4. Store installment credit accounts
  5. Financial institutions, such as banks, brokerages, savings and loans, credit unions, or insurance companies. Do not include insurance premium payments.
  6. Doctors, dentists, hospitals or other medical practitioners for expenses not covered by insurance
  7. Other credit, such as school loans, personal loans or loans from retirement plans

  8. None/No more entries

What is the name of the "credit source" to which you owed money? [enter text] _____________

What was the total amount owed? [enter value] _____________

Did you or any member of your CU owe any money to any other "credit source"?

  1. Yes
  2. No

End of Section 21 A.1

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Last Modified Date: September 19, 2008