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Part A - Clothing (Do not include here -- clothing for children under 2 years of age.)

  1. - COATS, JACKETS, AND FURS, including -
     down vest     raincoat
     fur coat     shawl
     jacket     winter coat

  1. - SPORT COATS AND TAILORED JACKETS, including blazers
  2. - SUITS, including -
     formal suit     woman's suit (of two or more pieces)
   man's suit (of two or more pieces)

  1. - VESTS (purchased separately, not with a suit), excluding sweater vests and down vests
  2. - SWEATERS AND SWEATER SETS, including -
     cardigan     ski sweater     V-neck sweater
     pullover     sweater vest
  1. - PANTS, JEANS, OR SHORTS, including -
     blue jeans     dress slacks     overalls
     casual pants     jump suit     short sets
     dress pants     maternity pants     shorts
      Do not include any athletic shorts.
  1. - DRESSES, including -
     formals or semi-formals     two-piece dresses
     maternity dresses     wedding gown

  1. - SKIRTS, including skorts
          Do not include any tennis skirts, golf skirts, or other athletic skirts.
  2. - SHIRTS, BLOUSES, AND TOPS, including -
     dress shirts     knit blouses     sport shirts
    maternity tops     T-shirts    tops

      Do not include any sweat shirts or athletic shirts.

  1. - UNDERGARMENTS, including -
     bras     slips     undershirts
   shapewear     thermal underwear     underwear
  1. - HOSIERY, including -
     knee-highs     panty hose    
     socks     tights    
  1. - NIGHTWEAR AND LOUNGEWEAR, including -
    night gown     pajamas     robe
     house coat     night shirt     thermal sleeping garments
  1. - ACCESSORIES, including -
     apron     fold-up rain accessories     mittens     wallet
     bandanas     gloves     non-prescription sunglasses     umbrella
     belts     hair accessories     purse     ties
     bridal headpiece     handkerchiefs     scarves      ear muffs
     athletic shirt     jogging suit     swimwear
     athletic shorts     leotards     swimwear accessories
     hunting wear     sweatshirt     snow and ski suit

      Do not include any sports uniforms.

  1. - UNIFORMS, other than sport, for which the cost is not reimbursed, including
    shirts, pants, suits, service apparel, such as: medical, barber, boy or girl scout, mechanic,
    waiter/waitress, plumber and lab smocks, and military apparel.
  2. - COSTUMES, including costumes for dance, ballet, Halloween, etc.
  3. - FOOTWEAR, including -
     bedroom slippers     dress shoes
     boots     sandals
     casual shoes     sneakers, jogging, aerobic, basketball, tennis shoes

      Do not include specialized athletic shoes such as for football, soccer, bowling,
      biking, or baseball.

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Last Modified Date: April 16, 2009