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Consumer Expenditure Surveys

CE Interview Survey Introduction to CAPI Instrument

The CAPI questionnaire

The following pages provide the questionnaire content of the CE Interview Survey, including questions, response choices, and some instructions to field representatives (included for clarification where needed). Minor wording and structural changes have been made in order to translate the CAPI instrument into the web page format. For example, in an actual interview the laptop displays one question at a time. This version of the questionnaire is divided into pages by interview section with all questions for a section on a single page. These pages are designed to be a comprehensive and easy-to-follow representation of the CAPI instrument.

The home page of the CAPI instrument provides a bulleted list of links to each section of the CE Interview Survey. Section titles are descriptive and each section page begins with an introduction, so that specific questions of interest may be easily found and viewed without scrolling through the entire instrument. For example, to learn how the CE Interview Survey collects information on telephone services, click on the link to Section 4A – Telephone Expenses.

Another way to use these pages is in a mock interview. As noted above, the actual CAPI instrument displays one question at a time, and the response to each question determines which subsequent question is displayed. On the following pages, selecting a response will mimic this functionality by bringing the next appropriate question to the top of the screen. Links at the end of each page also move to the next questionnaire section.

Throughout the questionnaire pages, there are links to the Quarterly Interview Survey Information Booklet. This booklet, which is organized by Interview section, is used during the interview to provide the respondent with clarification and/or examples of many types of expenditures. For example, one entry in Section 3 of the Information Booklet lists examples of closing costs, such as Property survey charges, Title search, Recording fees, Transfer taxes, etc. A PDF version of the complete Information Booklet may also be viewed by clicking on the link at the bottom of the CAPI home page.

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Last Modified Date: April 16, 2009