Section 13, Part A.1 - Insurance Other than Health - Screening Questions - (For New Households Go to Part A.2)

Section 13, Part A.1 is used in subsequent interviews to update information on previously recorded non-health insurance policies, and to collect information on any non-health insurance policies purchased during the reference period.

Now I am going to ask about your non-health insurance policies. (Include policies paid by your household for someone outside your household).

Do you or any member of your household still have or make payments for the [fill: description] insurance policy from [fill: insurance company name]?

Since the first of the reference month have you had any expenses for this policy?

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How much was paid? [enter value] _____________

How much was paid this month?[enter value] ________

Since the first of the reference month, have you or any members of your household purchased any additional insurance, other than health insurance?

What kind of insurance was it?

[All choices will take you to Section 13, Part B - Insurance Other than Health - Detailed Questions]

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End of Section 13A.1

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Last Modified Date: April 5, 2010