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Consumer Expenditure Surveys
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  1. - Homes under construction, including a vacation or second home
  1. - Building an addition to the house or a new structure such as a porch, garage, or new rooms
     kitchen, bedrooms, family rooms, general purpose rooms, basement, etc
   decks, porches, patio, and terraces added or improved
     attached garages, carports, breezeways, greenhouses, and sheds
   detached garages or carports added or improved
     other detached outside buildings added or improved (sheds, greenhouses, storm cellars)
   other outside additions or alterations (boat docks, terracing, grading and filling, retaining walls)

  1. - Finishing a basement or an attic or enclosing a porch
  1. - Remodeling one or more rooms in the house
     bathroom remodeling     kitchen remodeling
   interior restructuring or other areas (removing or adding walls and/or the creation of new rooms within the structure or the demolition of part of the structure)
  1. - Landscaping the ground or planting new shrubs or trees
  1. - Building outdoor patios, walks, fences, or other enclosures, driveways, permanent swimming pools, or hot tubs
     recreational facilities     fences added or improved
     patios and terraces     detached building
     driveways and walkways added or improved
  1. - Repairing outdoor patios, walks, fences, driveways, or permanent swimming pools (including permanent above-ground swimming pools)
     fences     recreational facilities      patios and terraces
  1. - Painting, either interior or exterior, or wallpapering
     wallpaper     combination of painting and wallpapering      varnish, sealant, lacquer, and waterproofing
  1. - Plastering or paneling

  2.     also includes drywall patching
  3. - Plumbing or water heating installations or repairs
     plumbing fixtures     water heater
     septic tank     built-in dishwasher or laundry tubs
     all interior water pipes     external sprinkler systems, septic tanks, and wells
     garbage disposal
  1. - Electrical work

  2.     includes garage door opener
  3. - Heating or air conditioning jobs
  4. - Flooring installation, repair, or replacement, including carpeting, wood, vinyl, and tile
     carpet     tile, linoleum, or vinyl      other flooring including wood, slate, marble, or concrete
  1. - Insulation

  2. - Roofing, gutters, or downspouts
     complete re-roofing     repair of shingles, gutters, downspouts, etc.
     combined replacements including re-roofing     combined maintenance and repairs including roofing
  1. - Siding

  2. - Installation, repair, or replacement of window panes, screens, storm doors, awnings, and the like
     windows (interior or exterior)     doors (interior or exterior)
  1. - Masonry, brick, or stucco work

  2. - Other improvements or repairs (include security systems which are hard-wired into the home)


  1. - Cooking stove, range, or oven
  2. - Microwave oven
  1. - Refrigerator or home freezer

     mini refrigerator     wine refrigerator
  1. - Built-in dishwasher

  2. - Portable dishwasher
  3. - Garbage disposal
  4. - Clothes washer and dryer
  5. - Range hood
  6. - Smoke alarms and detectors
  7. - Window air conditioner
  8. - Portable cooling and heating equipment
     portable dehumidifiers     humidifiers      fans     space heaters
         Do not include window air conditioners
  1. - Lamps, lighting fixtures, or ceiling fans

  2. - Other major home appliances and equipment
     trash compactor     water softener      central air conditioner
    furnace     heat pump

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Last Modified Date: April 12, 2013