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Consumer Expenditure Surveys
CE CES Program Links


  1. - Garbage disposal, range hood, or built-in dishwasher
  2. - Other household appliances, such as -
     dehumidifiers     portable air conditioning equipment     window air conditioner
     portable fans     portable heating equipment
     range/oven     refrigerator
     sewing machines     washer
     vacuum cleaners

  1. - Televisions, radios, video and sound equipment, including those installed in automobiles or other vehicles
  2. - Computers, computer systems, and related equipment for non-business use
  3. - Lawn and garden equipment
  4.      lawn mower repair     snowblower repair
  5. - Musical instruments or accessories
  6.      professional tuning
  7. - Hand or power tools
  8. - Photographic equipment
  9. - Sport or recreational equipment (including bicycles)
  10. - Termite or pest control
  11. - Heating or air conditioning service contracts, covering -
     central air conditioners     central coolers
   furnaces    heat pumps

      Exclude repairs.

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Last Modified Date: April 12, 2013