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Consumer Expenditure Surveys

Coverage Section

The Consumer Expenditure Survey Coverage Section is used by the field representative to provide information on housing units that were selected into the sample but not interviewed.

* What type of non-interview do you have?

Type A = No one home, temporarily absent, or refusal

Type B = Vacant, under construction, occupied by persons with URE

Type C = Demolished, house moved, merged, condemned, located on base, household moved

  1. TYPE A
  2. TYPE B
  3. TYPE C

* Enter TYPE A noninterview

  1. No one home
  2. Temporarily Absent
  3. Refused
  4. Other Type A- specify

* Specify other TYPE A [enter text] _____________

* Enter type of refusal

  1. Hostile Respondent
  2. Time Related Excuses
  3. Language Problems
  4. Other Refusal - specify

* Specify type of refusal [enter text] _____________

* Enter TYPE B noninterview

  1. Vacant (for rent)
  2. Vacant (for sale)
  3. Vacant (other)
  4. Occupied by persons with URE
  5. Under construction, not ready
  6. All person under 16
  7. Unfit or to be demolished
  8. Unoccupied tent site or trailer site
  9. Permit granted, construction not started
  10. Other Type B- specify

* Specify other TYPE B [enter text] _____________

* Specify type of vacant [enter text] _____________

* Enter TYPE C noninterview

  1. Demolished
  2. House or Mobile Home moved
  3. Converted to permanent nonresidential use
  4. Merged with units in the same structure
  5. Condemned
  6. Located on military base (post)
  7. Unused serial # on listing sheet
  8. CU moved
  9. CU merged with another CE CU within same address
  10. Spawned in error
  11. Unlocatable Sample Address
  12. Unit does not exist or Unit is out of scope
  13. Other type C- specify

* Specify other TYPE C [enter text] _____________

End of Coverage Section

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Last Modified Date: April 7,2016