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Consumer Expenditure Surveys
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Sections 10 and 11 - Rented, Leases, and Owned Vehicles

  1. Automobile, truck, minivan, van, and SUV
  2.       Include fees for car sharing services such as Zipcar in rented vehicles.

  3. Motor home
  4. Trailer-type camper
  5. Other attachable-type camper
  6. Motorcycle, motor scooter, or moped (motorized bicycle)
  7. Boat with a motor
  8.      jet skis     yacht      cabin cruiser     launch
         power boat     boat with outboard motor     pontoon boat
  9. Boat without a motor
  10.      canoes     kayaks      rowboats     sailboats
         rowing shells
  11. Trailer other than camper
  12.      boat trailer     cargo trailer      utility trailer     horse trailer
         motorcycle trailer      ATV trailer
  13. Private aircraft
  14.      planes     gliders      helicopters
  15. Any other vehicle
  16.      snowmobile     dune buggy      ATV     Segway
         riding golf cart (except if rental included in golfing fees)


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Last Modified Date: April 7,2016