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Consumer Expenditure Surveys

Section 12 - Vehicle Operating Expenses

Part B - Licensing, Registration, and Inspection of Vehicles

  1. Driver's licenses
  2. Vehicle inspection
  3.     emissions inspection   safety inspection
  4. State vehicle registration
  5. Local vehicle registration
  6. Personal property taxes for vehicles

Part C - Other Vehicle Operating Expenses

  • Average monthly expense for gasoline
  • Purchased any antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid, or additives
  • Parking
  •     parking garages   parking lot fees   parking meters
        Do not include expenses that are part of your property ownership or rental costs, a business expense, or expenses that will be totally reimbursed.
  • Local tolls or electronic toll passes
  • Docking and landing fees for boats and planes
  • Auto repair service policies such as extended warranties

  •     Do not include service policies for vehicles used entirely for business.
  • Automobile service clubs such as AAA or services such as OnStar or LoJack
  • Towing charges, not already reported
  • Bottled or tank gas for recreational vehicles, including vans, campers, and boats

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Last Modified Date: April 7,2016