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Consumer Expenditure Surveys

Section 15 - Medical and Health Expenses

Eye Care

  1. Eye examinations, treatment, or surgery, such as -
    eye examinations   eye treatments   laser surgery
  1. - Purchase or eye glasses or contact lenses, such as -
    contact lenses   contact lens insurance   prescription sunglasses
  eye glasses   kits and equipment
  fittings   warranty expenses


Dental Care

  1. Dental care, such as -
    bridges   braces/Invisalign   root canals
  caps or crowns   fillings   X-rays
  cleanings   extractions   dentures
  teeth whitening in a dental office  implants  cosmetic dentistry


Inpatient Care

  1. Hospital room or hospital services, including -
    anesthetics   injections   operating room
  blood transfusions   intensive care unit   oxygen
  drugs and medicine   laboratory tests   recovery room
  examinations   nursing services   therapy
  treatment rooms   X-rays   any other services

From facilities, such as --
  general care hospitals   substance abuse hospitals
  psychiatric hospitals   birthing centers

Services by Medical Professionals other than Physicians

  1. All services provided by medical professionals other than physicians, such as -
    acupuncturist   midwife   podiatrist
  chiropractor   medical massage therapist   psychologist
  homeopath   nurse practitioners   substance abuse professionals
  marriage counselor   physical therapist

      Include services provided both inside and outside the home.

Physician Services

  1. All services provided and billed by physicians, such as -
    dermatologist   pediatrician   general practitioner
  psychiatrist   gynecologist   surgeon
  internist   urologist   osteopath
   plastic surgeon  any other type of physicians

Other Medical Care Services

  1. Lab tests or x-rays
    blood tests   X-rays   other type of lab tests
   MRI   CAT scan

      Do not include services received in a hospital as an inpatient or services for eye and dental care

  1. Care in convalescent or nursing homes

      Include all services provided and billed by a convalescent or nursing home.

  1. Care for invalids, convalescents, handicapped, or elderly persons in the home

      Do not include institutional or medical care.

  1. Adult day care centers
  1. Other medical care and services, such as -
    ambulance services   outpatient hospital care   blood donation
  rescue services   emergency room services   dialysis services
   oxygen services

      If medical care is given in outpatient department or emergency room, include -

    allergy shots   cancer treatment   injections
    baby shots   electro cardiogram   physicians check up
    blood pressure check   cardiology test   skin treatment
  broken bones/sprains   hearing test   immunizations

Medicine or Medical Supplies

  1. Hearing aids
  1. Prescription drugs, including -
    medical marijuana   insulin   asthma inhalers    birth control
  1. Purchase or rental of supportive or rehabilitative medical equipment, such as -
    ace bandages   crutches   walkers
    braces   slings   wheelchairs
    canes   splints   whirlpools
  cervical collars  orthotics  power chair/scooter
  1. Purchase or rental of medical or surgical equipment for general use, such as -
    blood pressure kits   ice bags   heating pads
   vaporizers    hot water bottles    pollen masks
   insulin needles    syringes   oxygen
   ostomy supplies    orthopedic appliances (supports)    home defibrillator

      Do not include items such as band-aids, gauze, cotton roll, and cotton balls.

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Last Modified Date: April 7,2016