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Consumer Expenditure Surveys
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Section 16 - Educational Expenses

  1. Recreational lessons or other instructions, including -
     cooking     music     skiing
     dancing     needlepoint     skydiving
     driving     painting     swimming
     golf     photography     tennis
     horseback riding     sailing     self defense
     instructional day camps     sewing     driving lessons
  1. Preschool or child day care centers, including non-instructional day camps
  1. Tuition, including prepaid tuition, for-
     adult education     high school     seminary
   business school     parochial school     technical school
   college or university     preparatory school     vocational school
   elementary school    secretarial school    middle/junior high

      Include only expenses paid directly to the school or other educational facility.

      Do not report student loan payments.

  1. Housing while attending school, including -
     housing for married students     fraternity     sorority
     student dormitory

      Include only expenses paid directly to the school or other educational facility.

  1. Food or board while attending school

      Include only expenses paid directly to the school or other educational facility.

  1. Private school bus service
  1. Test preparation or tutoring services
  1. Purchase of any school books, supplies, or equipment, which has not already been reported, including -
     art supplies     laboratory equipment     technical books
   cap and gown     microscopes     text books
   drafting equipment     ruler
  1. Other school related expenses, not already reported, including the rental of any school books or expenses, including -
     administration fees     conferences and seminars     rental of school books
     laboratory fees     health fees     student union fees
     rental of school equipment     laundry fees     transportation fees
     athletic fees     matriculation fees     SAT/GRE test fees
     cap and gown rentals     registration fees

      Do not report student loan payments.

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Last Modified Date: April 7,2016