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Consumer Expenditure Surveys

Section 19 - Miscellaneous Expenses

Part A - Miscellaneous Expenses

  1. Fresh flowers or potted plants

  2. Professional photography
  3. Services of lawyers or other legal professionals, including -
    will   divorce   civil litigation, including lawsuits,
bankruptcies, etc.
    bail bonds   contracts   mediation
    arbitration services   estate settlements   criminal litigation

      Do not include fees for business purposes or for real estate closing costs.

  1. Accounting fees, including -
    estate management   trust management   income tax preparation

      Do not include fees for business purposes.

  1. Occupational expenses, such as union dues or professional licenses.
  1. Gardening or lawn care services, including -
    fertilizing   lawn cutting   hedge trimming
    tree removal   tilling   tree pruning
    planting   plowing

      Include any services provided under service contracts.
      Do not include services covered by management or maintenance fees.

  1. Housekeeping services, including -
    cleaning   laundering   cooking
    window washing   carpet cleaning
  1. Home security system service fees
  1. Other home services or small repair jobs around the house, not previously reported
    snow removal   diaper service   pool maintenance
  1. Moving, storage, or freight, including -
        moving companies   mini-warehouses    self-storage units   cargo shipping
    Do not include expenses reimbursed by an employer or other persons outside of the household.
  1. Stamp or coin collecting, including -
    stamp albums   coin albums   first day covers
       Do not include postage.
  1. Lotteries or games of chance
  1. Baby sitting, nanny services, or other child care inside or outside your home

    Do not include nursery school care or care in a day care center.

  1. Toys or games, including -

    trains   dart board   action figures   games
    infant toys   stuffed animals   dolls   trucks
  1. Arts or crafts kits, including -
    model kits   scrapbook supplies
    needlepoint kits   rug kits
  1. Sewing, knitting, or quilting materials and items, including -

    fabric   patterns   buttons   thread/yarn
    sewing kit   crochet hooks   measuring tapes   knitting equipment
    sequins   felt   zipper   embroidery hoops
    seam binding   needles    quilt pad   rug material
    interfacing   fiberfill   stuffing   beads
  1. Purchase of pets, pet supplies, or medicine for pets, including -

    aquarium   tropical fish   dog house   collars
    hamster cage   pet toys   bird cage   dog
    guinea pig   cat   bird   hamster
            Do not include pet food.
  1. Pet services, including -
    grooming   kennels   license    pet daycare
   pet resorts   dog walking   training
  1. Veterinarian expenses for pets, including -
    vet visits    veterinary treatment    surgery    vaccinations
  1. Catering

    bridal showers   parties   Bar/Bat Mitzvahs   quinceañeras
  weddings   graduations   anniversaries   confirmations
  1. Arrangement of live entertainment for special occasions
  1. Rental of party supplies
  1. Purchase or upkeep of cemetery lots or vaults

  2. Funerals, burials, or cremation, including -
    burial fees   flowers for funeral   musician honoraria   limousines (used
during funeral)
    burial plans   clergy   funeral transcript
    headstones    footstones

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Last Modified Date: April 7,2016