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Consumer Expenditure Surveys

Section 1 - General Housing Characteristics

Type of Structure

  1. Single family detached: A detached structure with only one primary residence; however the structure could include a rental unit(s) in the basement, attic, etc.
  2. Row or townhouse: An inner unit (2, 3 or 4 story structure) with 2 walls in common with other units and a private ground level entrance; it may have a rental unit as part of the structure
  3. End row or end townhouse: Shares only one common wall with other units
  4. Duplex: A detached 2 unit structure with all units occupying the same level or levels
  5. 3-plex or 4-plex: 3 or 4 unit structure with all units occupying the same level or levels
  6. Garden: A multi-unit structure, usually wider than it is high, having 2, 3, or possibly 4 floors; characteristically the units not only have common walls but are also stacked on top of one another
  7. High-rise: A multi-unit structure which has 4 or more floors
  8. Apartment or flat: A unit not described above; could be located in the basement, attic, second floor, or over the garage of one of the units described above
  9. Mobile home or trailer
  10. College dormitory

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Last Modified Date: April 7,2016