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Consumer Expenditure Surveys
CE CES Program Links

Section 4 - Utilities and Fuels

Part C - Cable, Satellite, and Internet Services

  1. - Cable or satellite TV, not already reported
  2.     Cable TV     Direct TV
         TiVo     Dish TV
         Includes DVR service and on-demand/pay-per-view

  3. - Satellite radio services
  4.     Sirius Radio     XM Radio
  5. - Internet connection or internet service providers, not already reported
  6.     AOL     ISPs     3G/4G internet for tablets
         Comcast     Verizon
  7. - Internet services away from home such as web cafes or internet kiosks

  8.      Includes wi-fi access in hotels, airports, and airplanes

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Last Modified Date: April 7,2016