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Section 6 - Appliances, Household Equipment, and Other Selected Items - Continued

Part B - Household Appliances and Other Selected Items

Small Household Appliances-

  1. - Small electrical kitchen appliances, including -
     blender     electric frying pan     mixer
     breadmaker     electric iron     pizza oven
     coffee grinder     electric knife     popcorn maker
     coffee maker     electric timer     rice cooker
     crockpot     electric wine chiller     sandwich grill
     deep fryer     electric wok     slow cooker
     electric barbecue     food processor     smoothie maker
     electric can opener     hot plate     toaster
     electric grill     ice cream maker     toaster oven
     electric fondue set     juicer     waffle iron
  1. - Electrical personal care appliances, including -
     curling iron     electric toothbrush     make-up mirror
   denture cleaner     facial sauna     massager
     electric hair trimmer     foot bath     waterpik
   electric razor     hair dryer
   digital scale     heating pad

  1. - Electric floor cleaning equipment, including -
     floor polisher/buffer     hand vacuum     rug shampooer
   vacuum cleaner
  1. - Other household appliances, including -
     air purifier     trash compactor     carbon monoxide detector
     water filters     smoke detector     home security device (burglar alarm) including console,
   water leak alarm            control modules, burglar alarm console, door and window transmitters

  1. - Sewing machines (with or without cabinet), including-
     knitting machines     quilting machines     sergers

  1. - GPS devices, calculators, and fax machines, including-
     copy machines     typewriters
  1. - Digital book readers or tablets, including -
     Kindle     Nook     iPad     Galaxy tablet
  1. - Computers, computer systems, or related hardware, including -
     CD/DVD drive     cables     home computers with or without monitors
     computer printers     fax modems     external hard drive
     keyboards     scanner     netbooks
     modems     memory     mouse
     monitors     laptops
  1. - Computer software, including computer games
  1. - Computer accessories, including -
     printer cartridges     mouse pads
  1. - Portable memory, such as flash drives, memory cards, and recordable discs and tapes, including -
     thumb drives     blank CDs/DVDs     SD card
   USB flash drive     memory stick
  1. - Video game hardware or accessories, including -
     Nintendo Wii     Gamecube     Nintendo DS
   Gameboy     Playstation     Xbox

      Do not include video games.

  1. - Telephones or accessories, including -
     answering machines     cordless telephones     cell phone covers
   phone jacks and cords     Apple Watch     Bluetooth accessories
   cell phones    headsets     chargers
  1. - Photographic equipment, including -
     camera     lens     projector
     battery pack for camera flash     filter     tripod
     electro flash     motor driven film advancer     strobe light (for photographs)
     enlarger     projection screen     winder
     digital camera

      Do not include film, film processing, or other photographic supplies.

  1. - Musical instruments, supplies, or accessories, including -
     brass instruments     any other musical accessories     strings for musical instruments
     carrying case     picks     trombone
     clarinet     reeds     trumpet
     drums     sheet music     valve oil
     music books     saxophone     woodwinds
     music stand     stringed instruments     rosin
     piano     guitar     keyboards

      Do not include repairs, music lessons, or band uniforms.

  1. - Lawn mowing machinery or other yard equipment, including -
     electric lawn trimmer     shovel     rake
     lawn mower     snow blower     wheelbarrow
     tiller     spreader     garden hose
    tractor (farm, garden, etc.)     weed digger     edger

Tools for home use

  1. - Power tools, including -
     cordless drill     electric plane     lathe
     electric drill     electric polisher     router
     electric saw     electric swimming pool cleaning equipment     sander
     cordless circular saw     air compressor     trouble light
  1. - Non-power tools, including -
     axe     sockets     saw
     caulking gun     level     screwdriver
     hammer     plane     wrench

Heating and Cooling Equipment

  1. - Window air conditioners
  2. - Portable cooling or heating equipment, including -
     fan     humidifier     space heater      dehumidifier

TVs, radios, video and sound equipment including in vehicles

  1. - Televisions, all types including those installed in vehicles, including -
     HD TV     3-D TV      TVs in cars      combo TV/DVD players
  1. - DVD players, VCRs, DVRs, or video cameras, including -
     Blu-ray disc player     video laser disc player
     video cassette recorder/player     video tape recorder/player
     combination VCR/DVD player     digital TV converter box
     high definition disc player     TiVo unit
  1. - Satellite dishes, receivers, or accessories
  1. - Handheld personal music players, including -
     iPod     personal mp3 players
  1. - Stereos, radios, speakers, and sound components, including those installed in vehicles, including-
     car stereo     CB radio     mixer      speakers      stereo
     amplifier      clock radio     receiver     turntable     walkie talkie
     equalizer      compact disc players      short-wave radio     stereo system     tuner
     satellite radio     audio cassette players/recorders
  1. - Other sound or video equipment including accessories, including -
     adapter for sound equipment     battery packs     microphone
     antenna (TV, radio, etc.)     base station CB antenna     headset
     power converter     earphones/headphones     power booster

Sports, recreation, and exercise equipment

  1. - General sports equipment, including -
     badminton set     football     soccer ball
     other sports protective equipment     Frisbee     golf bag
     baseball bat     golf clubs     sports uniform
     baseball glove     karate equipment     tennis racket
     basketball     lawn games     volleyball
     table tennis equipment     racquetball     skateboard    
     bowling ball     basketball hoop     racquetball racket    
     helmets     Fitbit     pads    
     boxing equipment     roller blades    

      Do not include specialized athletic shoes such as for football, baseball, soccer, biking, and bowling.

  1. - Health and exercise equipment, including -
     exercycle     trampoline     weight bench
     exercise mat     treadmill     pedometer
     rowing machine     weights     home gym
  1. - Camping equipment, including -
     air mattress     canteen     portable heater
     camping cookware     kerosene lantern     sleeping bag
     camping stove     frame packs and other camping packs     sleeping pad
     tent      screenhouse
  1. - Hunting and fishing equipment, including all guns, including -
     ammunition     scopes     rifle
     bow and arrow     BB/pellet gun     shotgun
     knife     fishing rod and tackle     crossbow
     handgun     fishing lures

  1. - Winter sports equipment, including -
     ice boat     ski poles     snow skis     snowboard
     ice skates     sled     toboggan     snowboard equipment
     ski boots     sledding equipment
  1. - Water sports equipment, including -
     diving equipment     water skis     water ski vest
     raft     life jacket     wind/paddle board
     surf board     snorkel     wake board
     skim board     boogie board
  1. - Outboard motors
  1. - Bicycles or bicycle equipment, including -
     bicycle helmets     rack     tires
     bicycle parts     stand     tubes
     locks     supplies     bike pump
  1. - Tricycles or battery powered riders, including -
     Big Wheels
  1. - Playground equipment, including -
     portable swimming pool     swing set     sand box     gym set
  1. - Other sports or recreation equipment, including -
     telescope      paintball equipment     metal detector

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Last Modified Date: April 7,2016