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Section 9 - Clothing and Clothing Services - Continued

Part B - Clothing Services

  1. Repair, alteration, and tailoring for clothing and accessories
  2.      hemming     sew buttons      zipper replacement     dress alterations
         wallet repair     handbag repair
  3. Shoe repair or other shoe services
  4.      new soles     stretching      replace heel     restitching
         waterproofing     dyeing      inserting lifts     orthopedic modification
  5. Watch or jewelry repair, including cleaning
  6.      ring sizing     replace setting      replace/add stones     cleaning
         replace battery
  7. Clothing or accessory rental, including formal wear
  8.      tuxedo or suit rental     handbag rental
  9. Clothing storage outside the home
  10.      cold storage for furs

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Last Modified Date: April 7,2016