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Consumer Expenditure Surveys

2012 Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE) Microdata Users' Workshop and Survey Methods Symposium

Thank You For A Highly Successful 2012 Workshop

The 2012 Consumer Expenditure Survey Microdata Users’ Workshop and Survey Methods Symposium (July 17-20) has recently concluded. This was the first year of the new one-day Survey Methods Symposium and based on comments from attendees and observations of planners, this workshop was well received and highly successful. The planners wish to thank our presenters (see below) for a series of exceptional presentations. Of course, there would be no workshop without attendees, and we appreciate their investment of time, effort, and funds to spend four days with us at the BLS. Attendees included those from state and federal government and the private sector, as well as several PhD candidates and professors.

The 2013 workshop, the eighth in the annual series, is being planned for next July 16-19. If you have never attended a workshop, but are interested in doing so, the planners look forward to answering any questions you may have. If you have already attended one, we hope you will join us again. The format varies from year to year as we incorporate recommendations from attendees, so that your experience at the next workshop may differ substantially from that of the workshop you previously attended.

Presenters At The 2012 Consumer Expenditure Survey Workshop

(in order of presentation)
  • Richard Bavier, Policy analyst, U.S. Office of Management and Budget (retired): Recent trends in U.S. income and expenditure poverty.
  • Jonathan Fisher, U.S. Census Bureau: The Demography of Inequality for Individuals and Families: Income and Consumption.
  • Rawley Heimer, Student, Brandeis University, International Business School: Friends Do Let Friends Buy AAPL, and F, and IPET...
  • Tami Ohler, University of Massachusetts: Measuring the Effect of Gender on Consumption in Single-Parent Households.
  • Geng Li, Federal Reserve Board: Gamblers as Personal Finance Activists.
  • Jonathan Fisher and Rawley Heimer, special session: Applying Longitudinal Weights: Examples from CE Microdata Users.
  • Juan Du, Old Dominion University: Health Insurance and Labor Market Conditions during the Great Recession.
  • Steve Mitnick and Austen Talbot, Bates White Economics Consulting: Using the Consumer Expenditure Survey to Deeply Understand How Electricity Expenditures of American Households Vary.
  • Anthony Murray, Ph.D. Candidate, Virginia Tech: 'Heat or Eat' or 'Food or Fuel'? Measuring Trade-offs Between Food and Energy Consumption.

BLS Presenters and Instructors

  • Scott Curtin. Economist, Branch of Information and Analysis (BIA)
  • William Hawk. Economist, BIA
  • Craig Kreisler. Economist, BIA
  • Steve Henderson. Supervisory Economist, Chief, BIA
  • Evan Hubener. Economist, Branch of Production and Control (P&C)
  • Bill Passero. Senior Economist, BIA
  • Laura Paszkiewicz. Supervisory Economist, Chief, Microdata Section, BIA
  • Geoffrey Paulin. Senior Economist, BIA
  • Meaghan Smith. Supervisory Economist, Chief, Phase 2 Section, P&C
  • Barry Steinberg. Mathematical Statistician, Division of Price Statistical Methods

  • Special thanks to Carol Boyd Leon (Technical Writer-Editor), who delivered a presentation on the process for submitting articles for publication in the Monthly Labor Review.


Last Modified Date: December 5, 2012