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Consumer Expenditure Surveys
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Consumer Expenditure Survey Anthology, 2003

Table of Contents

  • Preface (PDF 10K)

Part I. Survey Research and Methodology

  • Creating a "user-friendly" expenditure diary (PDF 31K)
    • Exhibits 1 through 10 (PDF 2,412K)
  • Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing for the Consumer Expenditure Interview Survey (PDF 22K)
  • Introducing brackets: Quality in the Consumer Expenditure Interview Survey (PDF 26K)
  • Characteristics of complete intermittent responders in the Consumer Expenditure Quarterly Interview Survey (PDF 29K)
  • Standard errors in the Consumer Expenditure Survey (PDF 23K)

Part II. Analyses Using Survey Data

  • Consumer spending for necessities (PDF 25K)
  • Consumer expenditures for alcohol in 2000 (PDF 81K)
  • The cost and demographics of vehicle acquisition (PDF 27K)
  • Out-of-pocket expenditures by consumer units with private health insurance (PDF 28K)
  • Expenditures on entertainment (PDF 24K)
  • Travel expenditures in 2000 (PDF 19K)
  • Appendix A: Description of the Consumer Expenditure Survey (PDF 15K)

The full PDF version of the Consumer Expenditure Survey Anthology, 2003 (2.7 MB)


Last Modified Date: May 27, 2004