Multiyear Tables

Multiyear tables contain expenditure data broken out by year. Multiyear tables from 1984–1991, 1992–1999, 2000–2005, 2006–2012, and 2013–2017 are available below in PDF format, as well as XLS format for 2000–2005 and 2006–2012, and ASCII text format (TXT) for 1984–1991 and 1992–1999.

To view the PDF files you will need Adobe Reader, which can be obtained from the Adobe Web site free of charge.

It is suggested the PDF files be used for printing.

2013–2017 Multiyear table — (PDF) (XLSX)

2006–2012 Multiyear table — (PDF) (XLS)

2000–2005 Multiyear table — (PDF) (XLS)

1992–1999 Multiyear table — (PDF) (TXT)

1984–1991 Multiyear table — (PDF) (TXT)


Last Modified Date: September 11, 2018