Gemini Project to Redesign the Consumer Expenditure Survey

Comparison to Current Design

The new design will still collect total aggregate annual expenditures and be representative of the U.S. civilian non-institutionalized population. The interviews will still be in-person and cover a 3-month recall period. However, there are a number of changes included in the new design to improve data quality and reduce respondent burden. Some of the more notable changes include:

  • There will be two interview waves set 12 months apart as opposed to the current design of four interview waves, one per quarter.
  • There will be a single, integrated sample as opposed to the current design which has a separate sample for the Interview survey and the Diary survey.
  • The new design will include individual diaries for every member of the household who is 15 years of age or older instead of a single diary for the whole household.
  • There will only be one week of diary keeping as opposed to the two weeks in the current design.
  • There will be less expenditure detail available in the new design.
  • The new design will include several performance-based incentives to improve respondent participation. There are no incentives in the current design.
  • Web-based diaries will be used instead of paper diaries wherever possible.


Last Modified Date: December 18, 2013