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Consumer Expenditure Surveys

Analytical and Data Comparison Articles from the CE Biennial Reports

Consumer Expenditure Survey, 2006-2007, Report 1021

  • Consumer Expenditure Survey Compared with National Health Expenditure Accounts (PDF)
  • Measuring the Impact of Income Imputation in the Consumer Expenditure Survey: A Multi-year Comparison
    of Income Data with Estimates from the Current Population Survey (PDF)
  • Consumer Expenditure Survey Compared with the American Community Survey (PDF)
  • Computer Ownership Continues to Rise (PDF 1.6 MB)
  • A Comparison of Expenditures by Opposite-sex Unmarried Partners with Opposite-sex Married Couples, without Children (PDF)

Consumer Expenditure Survey, 2004-2005, Report 1008

  • Consumer Expenditure Survey Compared with Personal Consumption Expenditures (PDF)
  • Consumer Expenditure Survey Comparisons with National Health Expenditures and the Current Population Survey (PDF)
  • Changes to the 2004 and 2005 Consumer Expenditure Survey Published Tables and Selected Highlights (PDF)


Last Modified Date: September 16, 2010