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Employee Benefits
Bureau of Labor Statistics > Employee Benefits > Publications > Health and Retirement Plan Provisions

Health and Retirement Plan Provisions

The National Compensation Survey (NCS) Benefits series is comprised of two annual publications on the incidence and provisions of selected benefits provided by employers to their employees. In the fall, annual summaries of benefit coverage are published on the incidence and key provisions of selected benefit plans and detailed provisions of vacation, paid holidays, sick leave, nonproduction bonuses, life insurance plans, health insurance, short-term and long-term disability insurance, health savings accounts, wellness benefits, financial benefits, and other benefit plans. Employer and employee shares of contributions to medical care premiums and their average amounts are also presented. In the spring, more detailed information on the provisions on health and retirement plans are published. It has information on plan features, costs, and limitations or restrictions for health and retirement plans. Detailed provisions of health care and retirement benefit plans are published separately with the focus on a particular benefit rotating between healthcare, defined benefit, and defined contribution plans.

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Health plan provisions for private industry workers in the United States, 2023

The National Compensation Survey (NCS) provides features, costs, and limits of employer-sponsored health care plan benefits for private industry and state and local government workers in the United States. The Excel tables (ZIP) present 2023 estimates of health care plan provisions for private industry workers by occupation, industry, average wage category (percentile), work status (part-time/full-time), bargaining status (union/nonunion), establishment size and census area.

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