Articles and Research Papers Using MXP Data

External Research

The BLS visiting researcher program gives external researchers access to confidential microdata for approved statistical analysis. These papers use BLS data but are published externally.

Research Using IPP Microdata

  • Pennings, S. (2017). Pass-through of competitors' exchange rates to US import and producer prices. Journal of International Economics,105, 41-56. doi:10.1016/j.jinteco.2016.11.002
  • Gilchrist, S., Schoenle, R., Sim, J., & Zakrajšek, E. (2016). Inflation Dynamics During the Financial Crisis. doi:10.3386/w22827

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Internal Articles and Research

Additional articles and research papers are written within BLS to provide significant insight focusing on interesting topics within the import/export price indexes. These publications range in scope and purpose from informal articles such as Beyond the Numbers articles to more formal Monlthly Labor Review Journal articles.

Beyond the Numbers Articles

  • Impact Of The 2015 U.S. Dollar Rise On Export Prices And On The Agricultural Industry (December 2016) (PDF)
  • Impact Of The Strengthening Dollar On U.S. Import Prices In 2015 (August 2016) (PDF)
  • The Impact Of The Earthquake In Japan On U.S. Imports (November 2011) (PDF)

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Monthly Labor Review Articles

Economic Working Papers

  • Exchange Rates and the Prices of Manufacturing Products Imported into the United States (2002) (PDF)
  • Explaining Tranquility in the Midst of Turbulence: U.S. Multinationals' Intrafirm Trade, 1966-1997 (2001) (HTML)

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BLS Statistical Survey Papers

  • Assessing Nonresponse Bias in the International Price Program’s (IPP) Import and Export Price Index Surveys (2009) (HTML)
  • Evaluation of Error Components in a Simulation-Based Evaluation of a Survey Procedure (2008) (HTML)

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