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Consumer Expenditure Surveys

Section 16 - Educational Expenses

Section 16 collects educational expenses, including recreational lesson fees, tuition, room and board, purchases of school books and equipment, and other educational expenses. IMPORTANT: The Census Bureau does not release to the Bureau of Labor Statistics any confidential information such as names and addresses. This information is only used during the course of the interview.

Now I am going to ask about education expenses. Please include any direct payments made for any members of your CU or for anyone outside your CU

  1. Enter 1 to continue

For definitions Information Booklet »

Since the first of the reference month, have you or any members of your CU paid for -
* Read each item on list

* Adult day care, baby sitting and in home day care are collected in Section 19A.

  1. Any recreational lessons or other instructions?
  2. Nursery school or child day care centers?
  3. Continue list

Have you or any members of your CU paid for any/other school related expenses?

* IF YES - Read each item on list

Did you pay for -

  1. Tuition?
  2. Housing while attending school?
  3. Food or board while attending school?
  4. Private school bus service?
  5. Purchase of any school books, supplies, or equipment which has not already been reported?
  6. Other school related expenses not already reported?
  7. None/No more entries

What was the expense for? [enter value] _____________

Who was it for (If CU member)? [enter text] _____________

  1. 99. Non-CU member

* Enter name of non-CU member: [enter text] _____________

* Ask if not apparent.

What kind of school was it?

  1. College or university
  2. Elementary or high school
  3. Child day care center
  4. Nursery school or preschool
  5. Other school

In what month was the payment made? [enter text] _____________

How much was paid? [enter value] _____________

* Enter 'C' for a combined expense

  1. C
  2. Not combined expense

What was combined with the education expense from above?
* Enter all that apply

  1. Recreational lessons or other instructions
  2. Nursery school or child day care centers
  3. Tuition
  4. Housing while attending school
  5. Food or board while attending school
  6. Private school bus service
  7. Purchase of school books, supplies, or equipment
  8. Other school related expenses
  9. Misc. combined (unable to specify/DK)

Has any of this amount been or will any of it be reimbursed by an employer, agency, or other person?

  1. Yes
  2. No

How much was or will be reimbursed? [enter value] _____________

Did you make any other payments for the above education expenses?

  1. Yes
  2. No

End of Section 16

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Last Modified Date: October 11, 2005