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Consumer Expenditure Surveys
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Section 12 - Vehicle Operating Expenses

Part A - Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, Parts, and Equipment

  1. Oil change, lubrication, or oil filter
  2. Motor tune-up, including -
     spark plugs     emission controls
     air/fuel filters     valve adjustment
     computer sensor     distributor cap, rotor    
     ignition wires     PCV valve
     ignition timing or mixture adjustment    air filter element

  1. Battery purchases or installation
  2. Tire purchases or mounting
  3. Tire repairs
  4. Front end alignment, wheel balancing, or wheel rotation
  5. Shock absorber replacement, including MacPherson struts
  6. Body work or painting, including -
  7.      convertible top     doors     sanding
         crash repairs     glass replacement     T-roof
         window repair     rust proofing     vinyl top
  1. Any other vehicle or engine repairs, including -
     axle work     steering      power steering     bushings
     alternator     ignition system      carburetor     fuel pump
    gaskets     timing belt     bearings     fuel injector
     compressor     condenser     air conditioning     clutch or transmission
     electrical system work     engine repair/replacement     exhaust system work     transmission
     suspension     brake pads     car computer     radiator
     fan switch or belt     recharge AC     muffler     brake work
     battery charge     differential     hydraulic system
  1. Vehicle accessories or customizing, including -
     alarm system     fender skirts     spoilers
     bike/ski racks     luggage rack     steering wheel covers
     bumper guards     running boards
     carpeting     seat covers
  1. Other vehicle services, parts, or equipment, including -
     battery cables     jack     charcoal canister filters
     brake lights     light bulbs     windshield wipers
     upholstery work     speedometer cable     wheels/rims
     gas cable/cap/can     vent filters     hub caps
     gaskets     wheel lugs     tire/wheel combination
  1. Vehicle cleaning services including car washes, including -
     vehicle detailing services     vacuuming     boat cleaning services

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Last Modified Date: April 7,2016