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Consumer Expenditure Surveys

Section 12, Part A - Vehicle Operating Expenses - Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, Parts, and Equipment

Section 12, Part A deals with expenses for vehicle services, parts and equipment.

I will now ask about expenses for vehicle services, parts, and equipment. Please do not include expenses for vehicles used entirely for business.

Since the first of the reference month, have you or any members of your household had expenses for any of the following?

* Read each item on list

1. Oil change, lubrication, or oil filter
2. Motor tune-up
3. Battery purchases or installation
4. Tire purchases or mounting
5. Tire repair
6. Front end alignment, wheel balancing or wheel rotation
7. Shock absorber replacement
8. Body work or painting
9. Any other vehicle or engine repairs
10. Vehicle accessories or customizing
11. Other vehicle services, parts, or equipment
12. Vehicle cleaning services including car washes

For definitions Information Booklet »

What was the expense for? [enter value] _____________

What was the expense for? [enter value] _____________

Did this expense include labor?

In what month did you have this expense? [enter text] _____________

What was the total cost? [enter value] _____________

Did this include sales tax?

* Enter 'C' for a combined expense

What expense was combined with the vehicle services, parts, and/or equipment expense?

For definitions Information Booklet »

Has any of this expense been or will any of it be, reimbursed?

How much? [enter value] _____________

Did you have any other expenses for vehicle services, parts, and/or equipment?

End of Section 12A

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Last Modified Date: April 7,2016