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Section 13 - Insurance Other Than Health

  1. Long term care insurance
  1. Life insurance or other policies which provide benefits in case of death or disability, including -
      Annuities     Life Endowments
   Burial Insurance     Whole-Life Insurance
   Flight Insurance     Straight-Life Insurance
   Group-Life Insurance     Term Insurance
   Income or Disability Insurance     Veterans Insurance
   Cash Benefits
  1. Homeowners' insurance, which protects your home, furniture, personal effects, or other property against fire flood, theft, loss, or damage, including -
      Flood Insurance
   Fire and extended coverage
  1. Renters' insurance, which protects your furniture, personal effects, or other property against fire, flood, theft, loss, or damage
  1. Automobile or other vehicle insurance, including -
     Bodily Injury Insurance     Liability Insurance
   Collision Insurance     No-Fault Insurance
   Comprehensive Insurance     Property Damage Insurance
  1. Other types or non-health insurance, including -

   Credit Card Insurance
      Mortgage Guarantee Insurance
   Personal Liability Insurance
   Pet Insurance

Do not include malpractice insurance.

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Last Modified Date: April 7,2016