2017 Consumer Expenditure Surveys (CE) Microdata Users' Workshop

Thank You for a Highly Successful 2017 Workshop!

Based on comments from attendees and observations of planners, the 2017 Consumer Expenditure Surveys Microdata Users’ Workshop (July 19-21) was well received and highly successful.  The planners wish to thank our presenters (see below) for a series of excellent presentations.  Of course, there would be no workshop without attendees, and we appreciate their investment of time, effort, and funds to spend up to three days with us at the BLS.  Along with those in attendance from state and federal government and the private sector, several Ph.D. candidates and professors represented various colleges or universities.  While most attendees and presenters were based in the U.S., Canada and England were also represented.

Request for Comments

The workshop concluded with a feedback session to obtain comments from attendees to help us maintain and improve quality of future workshops.  If you attended and provided comments, thank you.  However, perhaps you did not have an opportunity to comment on a specific topic; you have had additional thoughts after the workshop; or you would like to follow up on a topic discussed during the session.  If so, we invite you to participate by providing your comments by email.

Looking Ahead

Next workshop. The thirteenth annual workshop will be held July 18-20, 2018.  To those who have never attended a workshop, but are interested in doing so, the planners look forward to answering any questions you may have.  If you have already attended one, we hope you will join us again.  The format varies from year to year as we incorporate recommendations from attendees, so that your experience at the next workshop will differ from that of the workshop(s) you previously attended.  Regardless, the workshop is always free of charge to participants; that is, there is never a registration fee for the workshop.

Call for Presenters.  Note that it is not too early to consider presenting your work at the 2018 event.  Each year, we seek presentations giving practical examples of how the CE microdata can be used in research.  Work from first-time and novice users is as welcome as work from experienced users.  We only ask that your emphasis be on how the data were used, questions or problems encountered, and similar discussion (i.e., application of the data, rather than hypotheses tested or statistical methods used).  If you would like to consider presenting, please read the call for presenters for details.

Presenters at the 2017 Consumer Expenditure Surveys Workshop

Research Presenters (in order of presentation)

  • Catherine Curtis, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University:  Family Travel Expenditures, 2005-2015:  Patterns in Consumer Family Travel.

  • Ryan Pfirrmann-Powell, U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency:  Estimating Elasticities of Demand from the Consumer Expenditure Diary Survey.

  • Heather Lamoureux:  Ability-to-Pay:  Using CE Microdata to Proxy Borrower Expenses.

  • Sita Slavov, Ph.D., George Mason University:  Social Security and Saving:  An Update.

  • Michael Conte, Ph.D.,* Keith Myers, RegionalOneSource (ROS):  Consumer Expenditure Microdata User Support Web Site.

  • Megan Sweitzer, U.S. Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service:  Comparing Food-at-Home Expenditures:  Commercial Scanner Data and Government Survey Data.

  • Dmitri Koustas, Ph.D. Candidate, UC-Berkeley:  Consumption Inequality and the Frequency of Purchases.

  • Louis Poirier,* Bank of Canada:  Analysis of the impact of lower oil prices on American household consumption.

  • Lisa Boily,* BLS New York –New Jersey Information Office:  Food Stamp Participation and Food Expenditure Patterns Through the Great Recession:  United States and the New York Metropolitan Area.

  • Jiyoon (June) Kim, Ph.D.,** Indiana-Purdue University, Fort Wayne:  Changes to Low Income Households’ Spending Patterns in Response to the 2013 SNAP Benefit Cut

  • Madelaine L’Esperance, Ph.D. candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison:  Replicating Results from Published Work: An Example based on Expenditure Response to In-Kind Transfers: Evidence from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

  • Jonathan Peters, Ph.D.** The College of Staten Island/The CUNY Graduate School:  Income Issues in Road User and Transportation Fees - Just who is paying for what?

* Attendee at previous workshop.
** Presenter at previous workshop.

BLS Presenters and Instructors (in order of presentation)

  • Steve Henderson
  • Adam Safir
  • Jimmy Choi
  • Taylor Wilson
  • Aaron Cobet
  • Brian Nix
  • Susan King
  • Arcenis Rojas
  • Barbara Johnson-Cox
  • Clayton Knappenberger
  • Geoffrey Paulin
  • Special thanks to Terry Schau (Managing Editor), who delivered a presentation on the process for submitting articles for publication in the Monthly Labor Review.


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