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Consumer Expenditure Surveys
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Consumer Expenditure Surveys (CE) Survey Methods Symposium and Microdata Users' Workshop (Virtual), July 20-23, 2021

Update: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the July 20-23, 2021 CE Survey Methods Symposium and Microdata Users' Workshop will be an online-only event.

The Call for Presenters for the 2021 Microdata Users' Workshop is now open.

Online registration for the 2021 CE Survey Methods Symposium and Microdata Users' Workshop is now open! Registration is open until July 14, 2021. There are no fees to register for either event.

Thank you for a highly successful 2020 Workshop!

Presentations in a zip file from the 2020 Microdata Users' Workshop are now available. Presentations for the Survey Methods Symposium will be posted soon. For more information, see the agenda for the 2020 CE Survey Methods Symposium and Microdata Users' Workshop.

July 20, 2021: The annual free CE Survey Methods Symposium will feature presentations from CE staff about topics relevant to CE's ongoing redesign initiative.

July 21-23, 2021: The annual free CE Microdata Users' Workshop sessions are geared to microdata users of all levels of experience. The workshop is designed to help you learn how to use CE public use microdata using your own programming skills. Experts proficient in multiple programming languages are readily available to assist with technical issues. After completion of this workshop, attendees can expect to not only obtain a well-rounded understanding of the estimation methodology used by the CE, but also the skills required to correctly apply those methods using various statistical software platforms.

We encourage all attendees to actively participate rather than just observe the workshop. Those who wish to actively participate are required to have access to a statistical software package. For planning purposes, please specify on the registration form the statistical software package you intend to use during the interactive training. We recommend reviewing the CE PUMD Getting Started Guide and downloading the 2019 datasets that will be used in the workshop practical training sessions prior to the event.

Attendees with detailed questions about projects in progress using CE data, or who have suggestions about improving CE products, are encouraged to Meet with an Expert. For a printable (PDF) version of this document, click here.

Do you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the symposium or workshop? Please contact us.



Last Modified Date: January 26, 2021