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Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities

Case and Demographic Characteristics for Work‐related Injuries and Illnesses Involving Days Away From Work

  • Resource Tables - (2020) (2019) (2018) (2017) (2016) (2015) (2014) (2014S) (2014L) (2013) (2013S) (2013L) (2012) (2012S) (2012L) (2011) (2011S) (2011L) - The resource tables present cross-tabulated data for occupational injuries and illnesses with days away from work by industry, occupation, worker characteristics and case circumstances. Measures include counts, rates, and median days away from work.
    NOTE: For years 2011 to 2014, State and local government resource tables may be accessed by clicking the links with "S" after the year for State government or "L" for local government. The State and local government resource tables were discontinued in 2015. Data for State and local government, as well as for private industry, can be obtained using our profiles tool.

  • Number and Rate of Cases of Musculoskeletal Disorder
    by nature of injury or illness (2020) (2019) (2018) (2017) (2016)
    by part of body affected (2020) (2019) (2018) (2017) (2016)
    NOTE: State level MSD estimates for 2018-forward can be obtained using the occupational injuries and illnesses profiles tool.

  • Medical Treatment Facility Visits - since 2018, total medical treatment facility visits include in-patient overnight hospitalization only, emergency room treatment only, and visits treated both in the emergency room and in-patient overnight hospitalization.
    (2020) (2019) (2018)

Case and Demographic Characteristics for Work-related Injuries and Illnesses Involving Days of Job Transfer or Restriction


Last Modified Date: April 7, 2023