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Multifactor Productivity Data http://www.bls.gov/mfp

The BLS produces annual multifactor productivity measures for:

  • the private business sector
  • the private nonfarm business sector
  • the manufacturing sector
  • 18 3-digit NAICS manufacturing industries
  • 86 4-digit NAICS manufacturing industries
  • nonmanufacturing industry groups
  • the air transportation industry
  • the line-haul railroad industry

Measures produced:

  • Annual MFP
  • Capital services, composition adjusted labor services, and combined labor and capital inputs for the private business, private nonfarm business sectors, and manufacturing sectors.
  • Annual MFP measures for select industries, including labor hours, capital services, energy, materials, and purchased business services inputs.

Data available:

  • Multifactor productivity data are available from 1987 to present

To access the data visit http://www.bls.gov/mfp/ and select 'MFP Databases' or 'MFP Tables and Charts'