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Worker participation rate for employer-sponsored medical care benefits is 52% in March


The participation rate for employer-sponsored medical care benefits for civilian workers was 52 percent in March 2016. The participation rate was 49 percent for private workers and 73 percent for state and local government workers.

Compensation costs up 0.8% Dec 2016-Mar 2017 and up 2.4% over the year ending Mar 2017


Compensation costs increased 0.8 percent for civilian workers, seasonally adjusted, from December 2016 to March 2017. Over the year, compensation rose 2.4 percent, wages and salaries are up 2.5 percent, and benefits rose 2.2 percent.
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Civilian compensation costs average $35.28 per hour worked in March 2017


Employer costs for civilian workers averaged $24.10 per hour worked for wages and salaries and $11.18 for benefits in March 2017. Health insurance was the largest employer benefit cost at $2.94, accounting for 8.3 percent of total compensation costs.

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