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Productivity Tables

Labor productivity and costs measures

  • Major sectors: nonfarm business, business, nonfinancial corporate, and manufacturing - March 2, 2023 (XLSX)
  • Detailed industries - February 23, 2023 (XLSX)

State and regional labor productivity

  • Private nonfarm productivity and costs by state and region - May 26, 2022 (XLSX)

Hours worked and employment measures

  • Total U.S. economy: hours and employment - March 2, 2023 (XLSX)
  • Detailed industries: hours and employment - April 28, 2022 (XLSX)

Research and experimental series

  • BEA-BLS Integrated Industry-level Production Accounts (KLEMS)
    • 1987–2020 Production account capital table (XLSX) and Contribution to growth table (XLSX)
    • 1987–2020 Production account capital expanded detail table (XLSX) and Contribution to growth expanded detail table (XLSX)
  • Dispersion statistics on productivity
    • Combined productivity dispersion data (XLSX)

Total factor productivity and related measures

  • Major sectors: private business and private nonfarm business – November 18, 2022 (XLSX)
  • Major industries –  November 18, 2022 (XLSX)
  • Detailed industries in manufacturing, air transportation, and line-haul railroads - February 23, 2023 (XLSX)
  • Capital details for major sectors and industries –  November 18, 2022 (XLSX)
    • Information processing equipment –  November 18, 2022 (XLSX)
    • Intellectual property products –  November 18, 2022 (XLSX)
    • Rental prices –  November 18, 2022 (XLSX)
  • Total economy non-profit owner-occupied capital measures - December 16, 2022 (XLSX)
  • Government sector capital details – December 16, 2022 (XLSX)

Historical productivity and costs measures

  • Historical labor productivity SIC measures for manufacuring sectors, 1949-2003 (XLSX)
  • Historical total factor productivity measures (SIC 1948-87 linked to NAICS 1987-present) (XLSX)
  • Historical total factor productivity SIC measures for manufacturing sectors and 2-digit SIC manufacturing industries, 1949-2001 (TXT)
  • Historical government productivity and costs measures, 1967-1994 (XLSX)