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Additional Publications

For short takes read The Economics Daily. Spotlight on Statistics are analyses told through charts and maps. Beyond the Numbers offers research summaries. For more in-depth analysis read the Monthly Labor Review.

In addition, the Commissioner’s Corner provides information on the many other areas in which BLS is involved and highlights our testimony before Congressional committees, public speeches by BLS leadership, awards and recognition, and outstanding new products on the BLS website.

Beyond the Numbers

Beyond the Numbers article image

A “tail” of productivity in pet care services: new technology enables rapid growth

This Beyond the Numbers article uses new labor productivity and related data series from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics productivity program to examine how pet ownership trends are changing. Productivity data for the pet care services industry show trends such as increased pet ownership; younger pet owners choosing to pay more for individualized, quality pet care; and “pet tech” bringing the gig economy to pet owners and integrating technology into how they care for their pets. read more »

The Economics Daily

The Economics Daily article image

Productivity up 0.3 percent in first quarter 2024

Labor productivity in the nonfarm business sector increased 0.3 percent in first quarter 2024, following increases of 3.3 percent, 4.6 percent, and 3.5 percent in the prior three quarters. The rise in labor productivity in first quarter 2024 resulted from a 1.3-percent increase in output combined with a 1.0-percent increase in hours worked. read more »

Monthly Labor Review

Monthly Labor Review article image

An improved estimate of self-employment hours for quarterly labor productivity

This article describes two adjustments to self-employment hours that will improve quarterly measures of labor productivity. read more »

Spotlight on Statistics

Spotlight on Statistics article image

Spotlight on State Productivity Statistics

This Spotlight looks at some short- and long-term state-level trends for labor productivity, output, and hours worked, and labor compensation. read more »