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Consumer Expenditure Surveys

CE 2023 Public Use Microdata Workshop Meet With an Expert

Meet with an Expert

Are you planning to attend the 2023 Consumer Expenditure Surveys (CE) Microdata Users' Workshop (July 18-20, Washington DC, Do you have a question, problem, or other concern related to your project using CE data for which you are having difficulty finding an answer?

If you answered "yes" to both of these questions, you can schedule a "Meeting with an Expert". In it, you will be matched with a CE program staff member who will meet with you and your co-researchers (if applicable) for up to 30 minutes (or more, if necessary) to discuss your work, and to assist you in making progress. The meeting will take place before, during, or immediately after daily workshop activities, at a time that is mutually convenient. This includes during lunchtime, especially if a longer meeting is anticipated.

Meetings need not only address data problems. If you have suggestions for improving CE microdata products or online tools that would require more than a brief conversation during a break to discuss or demonstrate, your expert is interested in learning of these as well.

To participate, please check the box on the registration form. Be sure to fill in the “comment” box with the following information:

  • A brief summary of your project (a few sentences is sufficient) and information about your concern.
  • Your self-assessed level of expertise using the CE microdata (e.g., first-time user, novice, intermediate, advanced).
  • Information about your availability (dates and times that you can or cannot attend), if known.

If you have already registered, but did not check the box, please send an e-mail with the information above to Either way, we will follow up as needed to ensure you meet with the expert best suited to the task, and to arrange a meeting time.

Finally, if you are currently uncertain about participating, you will have the opportunity to sign up for a meeting during the workshop. However, we encourage you to do so in advance to ensure you receive the most benefit from your meeting. For example your CE expert may need to conduct research about your question, in addition availability is limited and scheduling is based on the order in which meeting requests are received.

We look forward to meeting you at the 2023 CE Microdata Users' Workshop. If you have questions in the meantime, please let us know.

Last Modified Date: March 29, 2023