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Industry at a Glance Contacts

This page provides e-mail and phone contact information to find out more about the data presented on the Industry at a Glance pages. The contact information is presented in the same order as the data found on the tables.

BLS Contacts


Workforce Statistics

Data type:

Email: Telephone:
Employment, All Employees CES staff (202) 691-6555
Employment, Production Workers CES staff (202) 691-6555
Unemployment Rate CPS staff (202) 691-6378
Job Openings JOLTS staff (202) 691-5870
Hires JOLTS staff (202) 691-5870
Separations JOLTS staff (202) 691-5870
Union Membership and Representation CPS staff (202) 691-6378
Gross Job Gains BDM staff (202) 691-6553
Gross Job Losses BDM staff (202) 691-6553
Employment by Selected Occupation OES staff (202) 691-6569
Employment Projections OOH staff (202) 691-5700


Earnings and Hours

Data type: Email: Telephone:
Average Hourly Earnings CES staff (202) 691-6555
Average Weekly Hours CES staff (202) 691-6555
Earnings by Selected Occupation OES staff (202) 691-6569
Union Membership and Representation, Weekly Earnings CPS staff (202) 691-6378
Change in Employer Compensation Costs - Total NCS staff (202) 691-6199
Change in Employer Compensation Costs - Wages NCS staff (202) 691-6199
Employer Compensation Costs in Dollars NCS staff (202) 691-6199
Employer Costs for Benefits in Dollars NCS staff (202) 691-6199


Work-Related Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatal Injuries

Data type: Email: Telephone:
Work-Related Fatal Injuries IIF staff (202) 691-6170
Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses IIF staff (202) 691-6170



Data type: Email: Telephone:
Producer Price Index PPI staff (202) 691-7705
Import Price Index IPP staff (202) 691-7101
Export Price Index IPP staff (202) 691-7101


Workplace Trends

Data type: Email: Telephone:
Establishments, number by ownership QCEW staff (202) 691-6567
Gross Job Gains
    at Opening Establishments BDM staff (202) 691-6553
    at Expanding Establishments BDM staff (202) 691-6553
Gross Job Losses
    at Closing Establishments BDM staff (202) 691-6553
    at Contracting Establishments BDM staff (202) 691-6553
Productivity and Costs
    by Major Sector Productivity staff (202) 691-5606
    by Industry Productivity staff (202) 691-5618
Productivity, Multifactor Indexes
    by Major Sector and 3-digit NAICS Industry Productivity staff (202) 691-5606
    4-digit NAICS Industry Productivity staff (202) 691-5618