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Labor Productivity and Costs
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Productivity rises 2.3% in second-quarter 2019; unit labor costs rise 2.6% (annual rates)


Productivity increased 2.3 percent in the nonfarm business sector in the second quarter of 2019; unit labor costs increased 2.6 percent (seasonally adjusted annual rates). In manufacturing, productivity decreased 2.2 percent and unit labor costs increased 6.7 percent.
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Productivity rises in 32 of 49 trade and food services industries in 2018


Labor productivity rose in wholesale trade, retail trade, and food services and drinking places in 2018. Within these sectors, productivity increased in about two-thirds of the NAICS 4-digit industries studied.
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Productivity rises in 18 of 28 selected service-providing industries in 2018


Labor productivity rose in 18 of 28 service-providing industries in 2018. Output increased in 21 industries, while hours worked increased in 15 industries.

Productivity declines in 69 of 90 detailed manufacturing and mining industries in 2018


Labor productivity decreased in 67 of the 86 NAICS 4-digit manufacturing industries, while 2 of the 4 mining industries experienced gains in 2018. Growth in hours, coupled with declining output, led to a productivity decline for most industries.
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