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American Time Use Survey
ATUS TUS Program Links

Instructions for downloading ATUS microdata files

  • Using your mouse, right click on one of the data file links (do not click on the data files themselves).
  • In the box that appears on your screen, select "Save target as..."
  • In the dialogue box that appears on your screen, save the zip file to your computer.
  • When you open the zip file, you will find a data file (*.DAT) and computer programs in SAS (*.SAS), SPSS (*.SPS), and Stata (*.DO). The SAS, SPSS, and Stata programs included with each data file have variable and value labels.
  • If you have SAS, SPSS, or Stata software, open the corresponding program, edit the infile (in SAS), file (in SPSS) or import (in Stata) statement to reference the data file on your computer, and run the program.
  • If you do not have SAS, SPSS, or Stata software, read the data file into the program of your choice. All values in the data files are in CSV-format (comma-separated values) and variable names are listed on the first line.


Last Modified Date: June 27, 2017