American Time Use Survey (ATUS) Leave Module Microdata Files

The ATUS Leave Module was fielded from January through December 2011. The Leave Module data files contain information related to wage and salary workers' access to paid and unpaid leave and the ability to adjust their work schedules and locations instead of taking leave or because they didn't have access to leave. The Leave Module also included a general health question. This page includes links to the ATUS Leave Module microdata files and supporting documentation. Researchers can use the Leave Module microdata files to produce their own estimates or do other analyses. Each ZIP file contains a data file along with computer programs that will read the data file into SAS, SPSS, and Stata. The data files are in CSV-format (comma-separated values). The microdata files do not contain estimates.

About ATUS Data

ATUS Leave Module Data Dictionary

ATUS Leave Module Data Files

  • ATUS 2011 LV Respondent file (zip) (0.3 MB) The LV Respondent file contains information about Leave Module respondents, including their access to paid and unpaid leave, ability to adjust their work schedules and locations instead of using leave, general health information and Leave Module respondent-level statistical weights.
  • ATUS 2011 LV Replicate Weights file (zip) (7.8 MB) The LV Replicate weights file contains respondent-level replicate weights.

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