Corrections to 2009 ATUS estimates

Correction of “AMERICAN TIME USE SURVEY—2009 RESULTS” news release

The “American Time Use Survey—2009 Results” news release of June 22, 2010 contained some incorrect data. Corrections have been made online to the 3 affected tables and the technical note. The news release text was not affected. The changes are very minor and do not affect any of the analysis in the news release.

The corrections affected the weekly earning variable, TRWERNA, in a very small number of the 13,133 cases used to generate ATUS estimates.

Please see the reissued news release, “American Time Use Survey—2009 Results” (HTML) (PDF) for the corrected data. Tables 5, 7, and 11 were affected. Corrected data are indicated with a “c.”


Last Modified Date: November 1, 2011